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CMU News: Martin Garrix wins legal battle with Spinnin Records
CMU News: John Lemon drink agrees to rebrand following legal action from Yoko
CMU News: Taylor Swift accused of lyrical theft in Shake It Off… again
CMU News: New lawsuit filed over Santa Claus Is Coming To Town royalties
CMU News: More safe harbour sparring as tech and entertainment sectors make NAFTA submissions
CMU News: Harry Styles sues potential merch bootleggers ahead of Nashville show
CMU News: Spotify’s latest mechanicals motion denied, though it could persist with its bold new argument
CMU News: EU to pressure web giants to do more to tackle piracy on their networks
CMU News: Competition regulator approves Live Nation’s IOW Festival purchase
CMU News: BPI welcomes digital minister’s value gap commitments
CMU Digest: Spotify, IOW Festival, Chance The Rapper, We Shall Overcome, Tencent, Sharebeast
CMU News: More court submissions and another lawsuit add to Spotify’s mechanicals woes
CMU Insights: Five things you’ll learn on the CMU seminar programme
CMU News: Chance The Rapper sued over 10 Day sample
CMU News: First verse of We Shall Overcome public domain, says US judge
CMU News: Sharebeast operator pleads guilty to copyright infringement
CMU News: Minnesota court upholds ruling over rejected Prince heirs
CMU News: Radiohead “appalled” after trial over drum tech’s death called off
CMU News: Thriller actress goes legal again as 3D version of the video premieres
CMU News: Billy McFarland propped up another company with his Fyre credit card, says Vice
Stuff I do: YouTube-mp3 and Spotify stories have kept the CMU website very busy this week
CMU News: YouTube-mp3 officially shuts down
CMU News: PRS says it has industry agreement on new live performance licence, now needs Copyright Tribunal approval
CMU Digest: YouTube-mp3, Warner, Facebook, Hope & Glory, Toni Basil, Spotify
CMU Insights: Five news stories we’ll explain at our digital masterclass
CMU News: Facebook offering hundreds of millions to get music licences quicker
CMU News: Criminal case over Radiohead drum tech’s death called off due to delays
CMU News: Attacks on torrents bring digital locker file-sharing back into fashion
CMU News: YouTube-mp3 agrees to shut down
CMU News: Toni Basil goes legal over Mickey syncs
CMU News: Spotify questions whether mechanical royalties are even due on a stream
CMU News: Fyre Festival company forced into bankruptcy
CMU News: Flavor Flav sues Chuck D, Chuck D not too bothered
CMU News: MegaUpload founder shows off new tech venture
CMU Beef Of The Week: Australia v Viagogo
CMU Digest: Viagogo, Goldman Sachs, Kanye West, musicFIRST, Merlin
CMU News: Lloyd’s insurers countersue Kanye West over St Pablo tour claim
CMU News: musicFIRST launches campaign to rally US artists behind copyright reform
CMU News: Queensland Attorney-General advises consumers to “think twice” before using Viagogo
CMU News: Unfair dismissal claim filed after health facility treats Justin Bieber’s bashed balls
CMU News: Katy Perry sued over toe injury at 2014 concert
CMU News: Australian consumer rights commission takes Viagogo to court
CMU News: Lynyrd Skynyrd biopic blocked because of ex-drummer’s involvement
CMU News: ASCAP formally supports BMI in 100% licensing appeal
CMU News: IP-focused policing unit secures more funding
CMU News: Pirate Bay founders ordered to pay 405,000 euros to the labels
CMU News: The copyright status of MP3 resale back in court via the ReDigi appeal
CMU News: A2IM adds to stack of responses to Lyor Cohen’s ‘YouTube is great’ blog
CMU News: Indie festivals urge UK competition regulator to widen its investigation into Live Nation’s IOW Festival deal
CMU News: RIAA hits back at Lyor Cohen’s “safe harbours are a distraction” blog post
CMU News: Eminem-esque legal battle results in new dispute between library music firms
CMU News: Australian film industry launches new anti-piracy campaign as latest web-blocks go through
Stuff I do: Copyright chatter in the Caribbean
CMU News: YouTube’s Lyor Cohen tells the music industry to shut up and wait (basically)
CMU News: BMI formally responds to Department Of Justice’s 100% licensing appeal
CMU Beef Of The Week: Wu-Tang Clan fan (aka Potential Juror Number 59) v Martin Shkreli
CMU Digest: SoundCloud, Pandora, RIAA, Spinrilla, Cinram, Manchester Arena
CMU Trends: The rights of artists and songwriters post-assignment - performer and moral rights
CMU News: Songwriter groups hit out at the major labels’ position on moral rights
CMU News: “No justification” for labels to see Spinrilla source code, says Spinrilla
CMU News: DJ did grope Taylor Swift, jury rules
CMU News: Radio DJ has case against Taylor Swift cut down before jury deliberations
CMU News: Taylor Swift testifies in DJ grope case
CMU News: As Facebook ramps up its video offering, is it more likely to feel the music industry’s wrath?
CMU Digest: Hope & Glory, Warner Music, Festival Republic, Y-Not, Tidal, KickassTorrents
CMU News: Madonna goes legal over pants auction
CMU News: Taylor Swift’s mother says grope incident resulted in overhaul of meet and greets
CMU News: RIAA urges court to keep Cloudflare order in place in relation to MP3Skull domains
CMU News: US ISP says record industry safe harbour case doesn’t prove any actual infringement
CMU News: Prince estate could get new special administrator, possibly to pursue legal action
CMU News: US judge says Kickass criminal case should proceed
CMU News: The Kidd Creole accused of murdering homeless man in New York
CMU News: Suge Knight pleads not-guilty to latest set of criminal charges
CMU Digest: SoundCloud, Spotify, Spinrilla, Kanye West, Tomorrowland, Y No
CMU News: Fyre Festival co-founder negotiating plea deal over fraud charges
CMU News: Universal sued for $1.25 million over The Vamps logo
CMU News: Guvera-backing finance firm hits back at investor lawsuit
CMU News: Kanye West sues insurers over payments due on cancelled ‘St Pablo’ tour
CMU News: RIAA argues that Spinrilla doesn’t have safe harbour protection
CMU News: Blogger adds to the pile of Fyre Festival lawsuits
CMU News: SESAC radio rates go down after arbitration, though fuels argument against the US rate courts
CMU News: Live Nation sues theoretical sellers of Coldplay knock off merch
CMU News: Dr Luke wants to question Lady Gaga over Kesha case
CMU News: Fyre Festival co-founder to defend himself in investor lawsuit
CMU News: Beatles company win in copyright battle of Shea Stadium concert footage
CMU News: Madonna wins damages over MailOnline story about her adopted daughters
CMU News: After a statutory music rights database is proposed in the US, ASCAP and BMI reveal their existing data initiative
CMU News: Quincy Jones wins $9.4 million in royalties battle with Michael Jackson estate
CMU News: Lawyer working for Fyre Festival founder steps down over unpaid bills
CMU News: GMR hating radio group seeks injunction over its Pennsylvanian problem
CMU News: Quincy Jones takes to the stand in Michael Jackson royalties dispute
CMU Podcast: Spotify mechanicals, BBC pay, BBC music show
CMU News: Statutory music rights database proposed in US Congress
CMU Beef Of The Week: The parliamentary representatives for Selby & Ainsty and Washington & Sunderland West v Viagogo’s security guard
CMU Digest: Viagogo, 1972, BBC, Spotify, Believe, Songkick
CMU News: Proposed new law aims to fix America’s pre-1972 copyright quirk
CMU News: Madonna halts auction of her hair, pants and celebrity love letters
CMU News: Spotify faces two new mega-bucks lawsuits over US mechanicals
CMU News: Ed Sheeran leads charge against ticket touting, cancels 10,000 touted tickets
CMU News: Tensions reportedly increase between Spotify and the US music publishers
CMU News: Travis Scott accuses former management of violating California’s Talent Agencies Act
CMU News: Quincy Jones v Michael Jackson Productions - Pitbull on Bad! Whose idea was that
CMU Podcast: Fake artists! Fake t-shirts! Fake radio!
CMU News: Judgement reveals inside story of Guvera’s failed acquisition of Blinkbox Music
CMU News: Universal’s $30million+ recordings deal with Prince estate axed
CMU News: Judge accepts most of Frank Ocean’s affirmative defences in $14.5 million libel dispute with his dad
CMU News: Belgian privacy regulator to investigate police screening of Tomorrowland ticket buyers
CMU News: People agree to a toilet cleaning clause as they tap into venue wifi
CMU News: Judge admonishes Jackson Estate’s “snickering” lawyers in Quincy Jones legal battle
CMU News: Music industry welcomes EU committee votes on safe harbour reform
CMU News: Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson estate arrive in court in royalties dispute
CMU News: Yandex turns off track-sharing tool on its music platform, for now
CMU News: Investors try to bankrupt Fyre Festival company
CMU News: Tom Watson urges Labour MEPs to back safe harbour reform
CMU News: Gwen Stefani sued for encouraging fans to rush forward at gig
CMU News: UK Music calls on British government to back safe harbour reform in Europe
CMU News: BMG rejects Cox Communications’ First Amendment argument
CMU Podcast: Kanye v Tidal, AEG v MSG, Everyone Else v Ed Sheeran
CMU News: Stream-ripping now “most prevalent” form of music piracy, says new report
CMU News: Australian regulator writes to accountants group about Guvera fundraising
CMU News: Google has now de-listed 2.5 billion piracy URLs
CMU News: Justin Bieber no longer wanted for graffiti crimes in Brazil
CMU Digest: SoundCloud, AEG, Tidal, BBC, Lil Wayne, Guvera
CMU News: Lil Wayne adds Universal to his Cash Money litigation, wants lots of cash money
CMU News: Law firm can continue to work on Straight Outta Compton defamation case
CMU News: Viacom hits back against The Game in dating show sexual assault case
CMU News: UK’s culture ministry rebrands, goes digital
CMU News: Kanye Wests falls out with Tidal, could go legal
CMU News: Fyre Festival founder arrested for fraud
CMU Podcast: Google, Prince, Charts
CMU News: Paul McCartney settles with Sony/ATV in reversion right dispute
CMU News: Music industry welcomes landmark ruling in Google delisting case
CMU News: Lawyers investigating possible class actions against Guvera
CMU News: Cox Communications reckons Supreme Court ruling on social media rights impacts on its BMG copyright case
CMU@TGE: Where’s My Fucking Money? The Transparency Problem
CMU News: Guvera being investigated by Australian Securities And Investments Commission
CMU News: Failed Fyre Festival seeks dismissal of at least one post-debacle lawsuits
CMU News: Dappy gets suspended sentence over knife possession charge
CMU News: Dr Luke dismisses defamation lawsuit against Kesha’s mother
CMU News: MegaUpload lawyers insist US Supreme Court has questions to answer over Kim Dotcom’s assets
CMU Digest: Apple Music, SGAE, dancing baby, Telsa, RIAA
CMU Podcast: Apple Music, The Slants, Morrissey
CMU News: City Of London Police welcome sentencing in online piracy case
CMU News: Jury must decide whether Monster should pay Beats’ attorney fees
CMU News: UK Music offers mixed response to the Queen’s Speech
CMU News: Live Nation sued over drug death at Electric Daisy Carnival
CMU News: US record industry shouts ‘value gap’ ahead of Donald Trump’s NAFTA review
CMU News: Police raid HQ of Spanish collecting society - again
CMU News: TuneIn sues Pandora over ad sales deal
CMU News: US Supreme Court declines to reconsider dancing baby case
CMU News: American band The Slants get trademark law rewritten
CMU News: Radiohead stage collapse trial to start over, Live Nation will likely seek dismissal
CMU News: Roger Waters album blocked in Italy over artwork plagiarism claim
CMU News: Kickass founder might voluntarily face copyright charges in US
CMU News: Universal to see Warner’s Prince deal
CMU Digest: Spotify, Pirate Bay, Manchester Arena, Sony/ATV, TeamRock Radio
CMU News: US government asks Supreme Court to ignore Kim Dotcom’s “fugitive” appeal
CMU News: EU court extends Pirate Bay copyright liabilities in web-block case
CMU News: YouTube star charged for coercing teenage fans into sending explicit videos
CMU News: Movie and TV industries launch global anti-piracy group
CMU News: Cloudflare fails to have copyright case dismissed on jurisdiction grounds
CMU News: Prince estate reviewing legal options over Purple Rain musical
CMU News: Dutch Usenet provider ordered to reveal identify of copyright infringing user
CMU News: STIM/Spotify invoice spat delays payment
CMU Digest: Pandora, Spotify, General Election, Sony Music, Apple
CMU News: UK music industry responds to election result
CMU Insights: My slides from MIDEM
CMU News: Led Zeppelin want legal costs covered in song-theft dispute
CMU News: Two charged over deadly fire at Ghost Ship party
CMU News: Outgoing boss of Hollywood trade group praises European web-blocking
CMU Podcast: Spotify, Safe Harbours, Theresa May
CMU Digest: Ariana Grande, The Orchard, Spotify, safe harbours, BMI
CMU News: Pirate Party MEP hits out at efforts to tighten up safe harbour article of European Copyright Directive
CMU News: Bob Marley companies win $2.4 million damages in coffee trademark case
CMU News: US tech and media giants back Department Of Justice on 100% licensing
CMU News: Belgian promoters sue Sabam over royalty rate hike
CMU News: Both sides get more vocal in European safe harbour debate
CMU News: Radio industry chief will tell digital platforms to get better at regulating their output
CMU News: Spotify settles its big mechanical rights dispute Stateside
CMU Digest: Manchester Arena, KickassTorrents, Prince, Pandora, PPLPRS Ltd, The Great Escape
CMU Podcast: The General Election, Prince, Festival Republic
CMU News: File-sharing hub ExtraTorrent is still offline
CMU News: KickassTorrents founder granted bail
CMU News: Preliminary injunction extends ban on release of unofficial Prince recordings
CMU News: Prince estate recommends rescinding Universal’s $30 million recordings deal
CMU News: Feds investigation Fyre Festival
CMU News: BPI responds to Conservative and Labour election manifestos
CMU Digest: Guvera, Fyre Festival, MCPS, CMRA, Spotify, The Great Escape
CMU Insights: My slides from The Great Escape
CMU News: Deadmau5 countersues in cat-based trademark case
CMU News: Eminem’s song-theft case against New Zealand’s governing party wraps up
CMU News: Fyre Festival lawsuits now number ten
CMU Podcast: YouTube, Amazon, Fyre Festival
CMU News: Prince estate confirms Universal’s $30 million recordings deal in doubt
CMU News: Fyre won’t fire you, but won’t pay you either, failed festival boss tells staff
CMU News: YouTube doesn’t negatively impact on the streaming market, says YouTube
CMU News:
CMU@TGE: Top Ten Questions - What are the pros and cons of direct licensing your performing rights in live?
CMU News: Mark Geragos expands his Fyre Festival litigation
CMU News: Fourth Circuit refuses to intervene in fight to regain lost MegaUpload data
CMU News: No safe harbour talk in Warner negotiations, says YouTube’s Lyor Cohen
CMU News: More lawsuits fired at Fyre
CMU News: Suppliers join ticketholders in suing Ja Rule over the Fyre Festival shambles
CMU News: Spotify and Deezer back call to regulate app store owners
CMU News: Cliff Richard puts legal battle with BBC on hold to try to reach a deal
CMU Podcast: Fyre Festival, Eminem, The Great Escape
CMU Insights: My slides from Spot+ 2017
CMU News: BBC hits out at Cliff Richard’s legal spend on police raid privacy case
CMU News: Injunction blocking unofficial Prince release extended, but estate must post $1 million bond
CMU News: Alanis Morissette’s former business manager gets six years for his embezzlement
CMU News: Australian live industry calls for ticket tout bots ban
CMU News: Second class action filed over Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival
CMU News: The Eagles sue Hotel California
CMU News: Australian courts block various Kickass-linked piracy sites
CMU News: Ja Rule’s luxury festival collapses into a $100 million lawsuit
CMU News: Eminem’s political song-theft case reaches court
CMU News: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis accused of some thrifty song theft
CMU News: The Game sues Viacom over sexual assault damages
CMU Podcast: Record industry growth, Digital Economy Act
CMU News: Digital Economy Act passes introducing new ticket tout regulations
CMU News: New lawsuit over Jefferson Starship name
CMU News: Blurred Lines case shouldn’t have gone to a jury, says lawyer
CMU News: The battle for lost MegaUpload data goes to the Fourth Circuit
CMU News: Sony Music maybe negotiating an end to its business partnership with Dr Luke
CMU News: Competition regulator to investigate Live Nation’s IOW Festival purchase
CMU Insights: Safe harbours in five steps
CMU News: RIAA follows BMG’s lead, sues ISP for failing to stop repeat infringers
CMU Digest: Spotify, Prince, UK Music, BMG, Tunecore, Cash Money
CMU Insights: My slides from Canadian Music Week 2017
CMU News: Court sides with BMG over Windstream in safe harbour case
CMU News: Prince estate seeks to stop unofficial EP release
CMU News: Defamation case against former Kesha lawyer allowed to proceed
CMU News: UK Music sets out demands to Westminster as General Election called
CMU News: Universal may seek a $30 million refund from Prince estate over recordings deal
CMU News: Cash Money sued over millions of Drake profits
CMU News: Beyonce cites fair use in video clip sample case
CMU Podcast: BPI stats, Dailymotion, Kate Bush
CMU News: US indies reveal the pain of DMCA takedowns
CMU News: Kim Dotcom goes to US Supreme Court to fight his ‘fugitive’ status
CMU News: Sirius hits out at labels and others for trying to intervene in Flo & Eddie settlement
CMU Insights: CMU@CMW in five steps
CMU News: Troy Carter to advise the Prince estate
CMU News: Warhol Foundation sues photographer over 1984 Prince portraits
CMU News: Civil actions against MegaUpload postponed yet again
CMU News: German court tells PayPal to reveal pirate’s identity to Sony Music
CMU Digest: Spotify, Warner, PROMOTE Act, agent of change, Vevo, fake tickets
CMU Podcast: Spotify, US Radio, Google
CMU News: Elton John and Sophie Ellis Bextor among new batch of phone hacking litigants
CMU News: British DJ sentenced to year in jail after including Muslim call to prayer in his techno set
CMU News: Second bill in US Congress seeks to address radio royalties issue
CMU News: UK Music urges music employers to read up on government’s new apprenticeship initiative
CMU News: Managers criticise the continued secrecy as Universal agrees new Spotify deal
CMU News: Lords call for extension of agent of change principle
CMU News: Court says Italian web-blocking is just fine
CMU News: Court says FBI shouldn’t get to review MegaUpload’s Canadian data
CMU News: BMG settles with US net firm RCN
CMU Digest: RIAA, tout laws, Fair Play Fair Pay, Spinal Tap, Amazon, Form 696
CMU Trends: 1972 and all that… Again!
CMU Insights: My slides from Tallinn Music Week 2017
CMU News: Efforts to get radio royalties for recordings back on agenda in US Congress
CMU News: MegaUpload data to be rescued, though not shared with MegaUpload
CMU News: Lords back new ticket touting regulation beyond the bots ban
CMU News: Lawyer says Sony/ATV’s delaying tactics are “devaluing” Paul McCartney’s rights
CMU News: Spinal Tap creators hit out at Vivendi’s “distracting and obfuscatory conduct”
CMU News: Tensions between Prince heirs continue, questions asked about Universal deals
CMU Insights: Top five challenges in streaming
CMU News: US Supreme Court refuses to hear record industry’s pre-1972 safe harbour case
CMU News: Campaigners say new piracy jail terms could be misused
CMU Digest: Viagogo, Spinrilla, SoundCloud, safe harbours, iHeart, PPL/PRS
CMU Podcast: Viagogo, Spinrilla, Talking To The Media
CMU News: Australian government takes safe harbour reform out of copyright bill
CMU News: Alabama lawmakers consider law protecting right to resell tickets
CMU News: Live Nation fined over refunds for AC/DC show in Seville
CMU News: Viagogo no show at MPs’ touts debate
CMU News: Georgia Supreme Court rules in favour of iHeart in yet another pre-1972 lawsuit
CMU News: Jury badly advised says appeal in Stairway To Heaven song-theft case
CMU News: Now Aussie lawmakers are also considering a bots ban
CMU News: Spinrilla hits back at labels lawsuit
CMU News: Jimi Hendrix company sues his brother again
CMU News: Police investigating conduct of former BPI anti-piracy chief
CMU Digest: SXSW, touts, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Paul McCartney
CMU Podcast: SXSW, Pandora, Deadmau5
CMU News: More scrutiny of ticket touting in Parliament next week, Viagogo to appear
CMU News: Pre-1972 copyright question heading to California’s Supreme Court
CMU News: Prince heirs already concerned about new estate administrators
CMU News: Entertainment industry says it’ll pay to rescue former MegaUpload data at risk
CMU News: Goldenvoice sues Urban Outfitters over Coachella-branded garb
CMU News: Sony/ATV responds to McCartney reversion right lawsuit
CMU News: Deadmau5 sued over the name of his (live)cat
CMU News: US border control says performance visas required even for free shows
CMU News: Music industry criticises Australian safe harbour expansion plan
CMU News: Government confirms bots ban and better enforcement in response to secondary ticketing review
CMU News: Kesha fan could be subpoenaed in ongoing Dr Luke dispute
CMU News: Canadian officials not impressed with US report that always criticises their copyright regime
CMU Digest: Copyright Royalty Board, business rates, ERA, SXSW, Kickass, anti-piracy emails
CMU News: Kickass man’s lawyer plans to take case to human rights court
CMU News: Test case against web-block evader dismissed
CMU News: Music publishers worldwide follow mechanical rate proceedings in US
CMU News: 72% of web users won’t be budged by ISP’s anti-piracy emails
CMU News: UK Music cautiously welcomes Chancellor’s statement of business rates, though still not entirely clear how music venues will be affected