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CMU News: European Commission lays into the tech sector over copyright directive lobbying, as everyone else comments on the final draft
CMU News: Copyright Directive remains controversial as final draft agreed
CMU News: Artists and songwriters urge EU to bring Copyright Directive to “a successful conclusion”
CMU News: EU Council overcomes deadlock on European Copyright Directive, as IMPALA clarifies its position on the copyright reforms
CMU News: Kanye West sued over prayer sample
Setlist: HMV, Spotify, Terminators
CMU Digest: Copyright Directive, HMV, Spotify, Termination Rights, NMPA
CMU News: Music industry consensus collapses as copyright directive talks near completion
CMU News: Copyright directive talks could resume after France and Germany compromise over reach of article thirteen
CMU News: US Copyright Royalty Board confirms 44% increase in streaming royalty on songs
CMU News: New lawsuits seek to force labels to return old recordings to artists
CMU News: Pandora hits back at investment fund that’s seeking access to Sirius deal documents
CMU News: Group bidding to run new US mechanical rights society claims “overwhelming” industry support
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – Spotify and streaming revolution
CMU Digest: Kanye West, Rolling Stone, Youth Music, Ticketbande, Pandora
CMU News: Kanye settles “never, never” tweet lawsuit, dubs publishing contract as ‘servitude’
CMU News: German court puts significant restrictions on ticket resale site Ticketbande
CMU News: Kanye West sues both Sony and Universal
CMU News: Cheryl Tweedy’s lawyers want people to stop talking about 2003 assault conviction
Setlist: Pitchfork, Viagogo, Spotify
CMU Digest: Viagogo, PledgeMusic, iHeartMedia,, Pitchfork
CMU News: Record industry’s latest stream-ripping lawsuit dismissed in US court
CMU News: RIAA bigs up UK copyright law in post-Brexit trade talks submission
CMU News: Article thirteen talks postponed because of disagreements in EU Council
Setlist: R Kelly, HMV, Rihanna
CMU Digest 21.01.19: Viagogo, Article Thirteen, HMV, Rihanna, Tidal
CMU News: Viagogo claims it is now compliant with UK regulator’s rules as deadline passes
CMU News: Music industry says proposed article thirteen compromise a backwards step
CMU News: New pan-European anti-touting campaign launches
CMU News: Government responds to music industry’s Brexit concerns – sort of
CMU News: Norwegian crime agency investigating Tidal data fiddling allegations
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – The music industry v YouTube
CMU Digest: R Kelly, Michael Jackson, music venue business rates, Warner/Chappell, HMV
CMU News: Aussie music industry seeks web-blocks against stream-ripping sites
CMU News: Appeals court upholds $2.4 million ruling in Bob Marley coffee case
CMU News: Music industry hits out after grassroots venues are denied small business rates cut
CMU News: Ed Sheeran and LMFAO copyright cases will proceed to jury trials
CMU News: American radio industry and Global Music Rights spar over subpoena in BM
CMU Digest: Spotify, MegaUpload, Viagogo, Brexit, HMV, Music Venue Trust
Setlist: Tencent, Kraftwerk, Neil Young
CMU News: Spotify settles Wixen’s $1.6 billion mechanicals lawsuit
CMU News: New Zealand’s Supreme Court agrees to hear final MegaUpload extradition appeal
CMU News: US magistrate judge advises safe harbour be denied to ISP Grande Communications
CMU News: Gwen Stefani still faces injured fan lawsuit, but Live Nation is off the hook
CMU News: Damages bill cut in New Zealand political party’s copyright battle with Eminem
CMU News: Viagogo says it could challenge French ticket touting ban in the European courts
CMU News: BPI comments on conviction of vinyl piracy gang
CMU News: French Constitutional Council says ticket touting ban is just fine
CMU Digest: Tencent, Article Thirteen, Blurred Lines, Kraftwerk, Ticketmaster
CMU News: Article thirteen talks to push into new year as music industry expresses concern about latest compromise
CMU News: American tech sector lays into article thirteen in US/EU trade talks submission
CMU News: Blurred Lines song-theft ruling stands as Supreme Court deadline passes
CMU News: Uncleared samples are copyright infringement however short, reckons EU’s Advocate General
CMU News: Appeals court upholds copyright infringement ruling against MP3 resale site
CMU News: Tencent Music says it will “vigorously” contest fraud allegations by early investor
CMU News: British artists and music execs sign open letter on the Brexit shambles
CMU News: Fleetwood Mac settle with Lindsey Buckingham
CMU News: CISAC begins sanctions procedure over ongoing SGAE controversy
Setlist: Ticketmaster, WINTEL, Spice Girls
CMU Digest: Tencent, Apple, Mixcloud, WINTEL, Ticketmaster
CMU News: Kim Dotcom extradition process may only now be reaching half-time
CMU News: Ticketmaster hopes to have touting cases dismissed because of its terms and conditions
CMU News: Four men sentenced over bootleg vinyl operation
CMU News: Administration papers reveal what artists were owed by Bestival
CMU Digest: Viagogo, touting caps, The Cellar, web-blocks, Record Union
CMU News: Australia’s Labor Party proposes country-wide 10% cap on ticket resale
CMU News: Australian web-blocking system amended to copyright owners’ advantage
CMU News: Court order gives Viagogo two months to comply with UK consumer rights law
CMU Insights: My slides from Midem Latin American Forum 2018
CMU News: German court says stream-ripping not covered by private copy exception
CMU News: Gang Of Youths call for bad tout stories in bid to “stop Viagogo”
CMU Digest: YouTube, Rammstein, Taylor Swift, Wireless, Skrillex
CMU News: German court orders Viagogo to stop selling Rammstein tickets
CMU News: New lawsuit could again test Cloudflare’s copyright liabilities
CMU News: Live Nation appeals new restrictions council has placed on Wireless festival
CMU News: Music industry responds to YouTube’s latest article thirteen claims
CMU News: Gig-goer injured in Skrillex stagedive wins $3.8 million in damages
CMU News: Tekashi 6ix9ine album release postponed after arrest
CMU News: Lyor Cohen talks data and transparency in latest article thirteen diss
CMU News: Majors v Cox Communications will stay in the same court as the BMG case
Setlist: Ed Sheeran, NetEase, Spotify
CMU News: Universal sues poker podcast over uncleared music use
CMU News: More article thirteen sparring, while Google threatens to bail on news in Europe
CMU Digest: Article thirteen, Viagogo, EMI, NetEase, Ed Sheeran
CMU Insights: My slides from Sonic Visions 2018
CMU News: IMPALA responds to YouTube’s latest article thirteen griping
CMU News: Viagogo hits back at Kili boss’s awards speech
Setlist: Anti-piracy, indie festivals, social prescribing
CMU News: Ed Sheeran’s promoter declares AMA award winning anti-tout strategy a success
CMU News | YouTube boss takes her article thirteen griping to the FT
CMU News: Ed Sheeran settles one of his song-theft lawsuits
CMU Digest: Spotify, Google, CISAC, IP Rights Distribution Fund, AIF
Setlist: UK Music, Sony, SoundCloud
CMU News: Google reckons its anti-piracy efforts are working, while bragging about its YouTube pay-outs
CMU News: Songwriter’s lawsuit against session musician royalty fund allowed to proceed
CMU News: US performer unions say dispute over royalty fund fees should be dismissed
CMU News: New neighbouring rights trade body launches
CMU News: Following Yandex stand-off, Russian watchdog to launch new anti-piracy database
CMU Digest: Viagogo, YouTube, Sony, UK Music, SoundCloud
CMU News: YouTube does yet more article thirteen dissing
Setlist: YouTube, Wireless, BBC
CMU News: No one’s sure why The Pirate Bay is experiencing downtime
CMU News: Aggrieved Viagogo customers were just “exceptionally careless”
CMU News: Led Zep ask appeals court to reconsider its Stairway song-theft judgement
CMU News: Music industry comments on UK budget fun times
CMU News: Indies and songwriters hit out as European Commission approves Sony’s EMI deal
CMU News: Italian competition regulator makes demands of collecting society SIAE
CMU Digest: YouTube, Bestival, BBC, Spotify, IPO
CMU News: Judge declines summary judgement in dispute over Kendrick Lamar video
CMU News: Tracy Chapman sues Nicki Minaj over uncleared sample
CMU News: UK government considers simplifying anti-piracy web-blocks
CMU News: YouTube boss urges YouTubers to instigate one last push against article thirteen
CMU News: Labels insist Russian stream-ripping sites can be sued in America
CMU News: Songwriter wins $44 million in dispute over Usher song
CMU News: EU court rejects ‘blame-it-on-the-parents’ defence in file-sharing case
CMU News: Music industry hits out at American Law Institute’s ‘restatement’ of copyright law
CMU News: Record labels fail to get ISP safe harbour case beefed back up
CMU News: IMPALA highlights Sony and EMI Music Publishing dominance in European charts
CMU News: Lawyers in Ed Sheeran song-theft case debate impact of Stairway To Heaven appeals court judgement
CMU Digest: MMA, SoundCloud, ECSA, IFPI, Sky
CMU News: MMA signed into law, and then Kanye West waffled
CMU News: Another Congressman jumps on the Ticketmaster touting exposé
CMU News: Sky to introduce three-strikes anti-piracy system in Ireland
CMU News: European songwriter organisation joins calls for regulators to block Sony’s EMI deals
Setlist: NAFTA, BASCA, Live music industry stress
CMU News: Court throws out Gwen Stefani song-theft case
CMU News: Kanye West fights class action status for lawsuit over Life Of Pablo “never, never” tweet
CMU Digest: BASCA, Ticketfly, NAFTA, Tencent, National Trading Standards
CMU News: Eventbrite sued over Ticketfly hack
CMU News: US government to put the spotlight on the ticketing market
CMU News: FanFair hits out as advertising regulator says Viagogo ads are all good
CMU News: RIAA expresses disappointment over safe harbour provision in the all new NAFTA
CMU News: National Trading Standards charges nine ticket touts in the UK, as Ticketmaster faces a class action over resale Stateside
CMU News: Judge declines summary judgement in Beyonce’s Feyonce dispute
CMU News: BASCA calls for Sony’s EMI deals to be blocked
CMU News: Appeals court overturns ruling in Stairway To Heaven song-theft case
CMU Digest 01.10.18: Pandora, Ticketmaster, Ricky Nelson, Bestival, EMI
CMU News: Ricky Nelson estate sues Sony over international deductions on streaming money
CMU News: Latest draft of MMA approved by House Of Representatives
CMU News: BMI heads to the rate court over live industry royalties
CMU News: Elton John settles with The Sun over libellous dog bite story, and ramps up his Universal Music alliance
CMU News: Sony files paperwork with European Commission over EMI deals
CMU Digest: Spotify, MMA, Sony/ATV, Childish Gambino, Taylor Swift
CMU Insights: My slides from Reeperbahn Festival 2018
CMU News: Suge Knight pleads no contest to voluntary manslaughter, gets 28 years
CMU News: Taylor Swift's
CMU News: US Senate passes Music Modernization Act
CMU News: Perfume firm seeks access to Jay-Z’s calendar
CMU News: Artists galore call on SiriusXM to back the Music Modernization Act
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - Michael Jackson
CMU News: Childish Gambino countersues Glassnote in royalties dispute
CMU News: Music Modernization Act could be hotlined by Senate later today
CMU Digest: Copyright Directive, Viagogo, MMA, Troy Carter, Ja Rule
CMU Insights: My slides from Pivotal 2018
CMU Beef Of The Week: Aging artists v the 74 million dollar man
CMU Insights: My slides from Vill Vill Vest 2018
CMU News: European Parliament backs safe harbour reform – everyone responds
CMU News: MEPs debate safe harbour reform… again
CMU News: SoundCloud launches Discover Weekly rival
CMU News: Anti-tout campaigners call on Google to axe Viagogo from its searches
CMU News: Songwriter group urges MEPs to back Copyright Directive – including its “transparency triangle”
Setlist: Viagogo, BPI, Chris Evans
CMU Digest: Viagogo, Copyright Directive, Dr Luke, BPI, Chris Evans
CMU News: Musicians busk while tech bosses blog as Europe’s big safe harbour vote looms
CMU News: Viagogo a no show at Parliament’s latest secondary ticketing hearing
CMU News: Viagogo sues Ed Sheeran promoter over anti-touting efforts
CMU News: Ad industry regulator drops sanctions against Viagogo ahead of select committee hearing
CMU News: Competition & Markets Authority begins legal action against Viagogo
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - The digital royalty lawsuits
CMU Trends In Five Steps: Safe Harbour
CMU Digest: Copyright Directive, Michael Jackson, Viagogo, Spinal Tap, Cox
CMU Insights: My slides from Co-Pop 2018
CMU News: Europe For Creators campaign fights for safe harbour reform ahead of European copyright vote
CMU News: Lawsuit against Mariah Carey over cancelled shows dismissed
CMU News: Russian web giant Yandex’s video site could be blocked on copyright grounds
CMU News: Sony and Michael Jackson estate excused from fake vocals case
Setlist: Grande, Apple, The Eagles
CMU News: Spinal Tap welcome latest ruling in Vivendi dispute
CMU News: Music industry campaigners hope lacklustre protests and talk of butterflies will help get safe harbour reform through
CMU News: BMG settles with Cox in landmark safe harbour case
CMU News: Sony Music denies conceding that fake vocals appeared on posthumous Michael Jackson album
CMU News: Indie festivals again criticise Live Nation’s dominance in their sector
CMU Digest: Eventbrite, Shazam, Grande, Spotify, CBS Radio
CMU Trends Guide To Music Rights Part Three: The music rights sector
CMU News: Dancehall lyric borrowed by Miley Cyrus a “mere transliteration”, says latest legal filing in We Can’t Stop copyright case
CMU News: Court sides with Commodores over Commodore in Commodores trademark case
CMU News: European Commission set to approve Apple’s Shazam purchase
CMU News: Remastering doesn’t always create a new copyright, appeals court says in pre-1972 royalties case
CMU News: Labels want ISPs to be “de facto copyright enforcement agents”, says ISP
Setlist: Ticketmaster, Frank Sinatra, Cliff Richard
CMU News: Copyright infringement is definitely “stealing”, reckons judge in BMG v Cox case
CMU News: New lawsuit renews hostilities between Cash Money and Lil Wayne
CMU News: Regulator litigation could result in apology ads from Viagogo in New Zealand
CMU News: Jefferson Airplane founder sues hospital over treatment that left him unable to perform
CMU News: RIAA seeks summary judgement on safe harbour point in Grande litigation
CMU Trends Guide To Music Rights Part Two: How music licensing works
CMU Digest: Ticketmaster, Viagogo, Warner, Disney, IMPALA
CMU News: As Copyright Directive campaigning starts up again, article thirteen opponents plan to take to the streets
CMU News: New Zealand Commerce Commission begins legal proceedings against Viagogo
CMU News: BBC won’t appeal Cliff Richard police raid ruling
CMU News: Global Music Rights must continue with radio industry fight in Pennsylvania, says Californian court
CMU News: Local councillors and MP express concerns about impact of Wireless festival
CMU News: Warner goes legal over Frank Sinatra songs and an often forgotten British reversion right
CMU News: Disney shouts ‘first amendment’ and ‘fair use’ in response to Michael Jackson estate’s copyright lawsuit
CMU News: IMPALA lodges concerns with European Commission over “seismic” impact of Sony’s EMI deals
Setlist: YouTube, Viagogo, Guvera
CMU Trends Guide To Music Rights Part One: How music rights work
CMU Digest: Warner, Spotify, Guvera, YouTube, stream-ripping
CMU News: Travis Scott fan sues festival after rapper shows up late for headline set
CMU News: Finance outfit ordered to refund millions to exploited Guvera investor
CMU News: Harvey Goldsmith urges Irish politicians to pass tout ban, even if some Viagogo employees lose their jobs
CMU News: US labels sue two more stream-ripping sites
CMU News: Irish Senator opposes ticket touting laws because it might cost Viagogo jobs
Setlist: Universal, Brexit, The Beatles
CMU Digest: MMA, Vivendi, Deezer, Cox Communications, EMI
CMU News: Compromise reached to let Music Modernization Act march on
CMU News: Major labels sue Cox Communications
CMU News: We Shall Overcome publisher handed $352,000 legal bill after song declared public domain
CMU News: Indie publishers call on SESAC and HFA to compromise on Music Modernization Act
CMU News: Sony’s latest EMI deal should be cause of concern for regulators, say the indies
CMU Digest: MMA, ticket touts, Eventbrite, Cliff Richard, Spotify
Setlist: Mercury Prize, MMA, Taylor Swift
CMU News: BBC agrees to pay Cliff Richard £850,000 as judge refuses appeal in police raid reporting case
CMU News: Irish government to back ticket touting ban proposals
CMU News: SESAC responds to criticism of its late minute Music Modernization Act lobbying
CMU News: London’s night czar responds to criticism following Hackney curfew decision
CMU News: Campaigners fear Music Modernization Act could falter because of HFA intervention
CMU News: Billy McFarland reaches deal with SEC over Fyre Festival fraud
CMU News: UK Music urges local councils to act as agent of change guidelines published
CMU News: Miley Cyrus given time to seek dismissal of reggae lyric plagiarism case
CMU News: MGM Resorts defends its lawsuit against victims of Route 91 Harvest shooting
CMU News: Four men indicted over murder of XXXTentacion
CMU News: Radiohead use Toronto show to criticise outcome of Canadian stage collapse trial
CMU Digest: Cliff Richard, Route 91, Spotify, Ed Sheeran, ICE, SACEM
CMU News: Cliff Richard wins £210,000 in legal battle with BBC
CMU News: Human rights court orders Russia to compensate Pussy Riot over 2012 jailing
CMU News: Route 91 Harvest hotel sues shooting victims to avoid liability
CMU News: Woman charged over Selena Gomez email hack
CMU Digest: Blurred Lines, Childish Gambino, ISM/MU, Sony Music, Cardi B
Setlist: Copyright Directive, Childish Gambino, Rage Against The Machine
CMU News: Sony has another go at keeping Dr Luke investigation details secret
CMU News: Royal Albert Hall admits to an “inherent but authorised conflict of interest” in Charity Commission dispute
CMU News: US appeals court declines to reconsider controversial Blurred Lines judgement
CMU News: Glassnote comments on Childish Gambino royalties dispute
CMU News: Rage Against The Machine issue cease and desist over Nigel Farage’s podcast
CMU News: Cardi B’s ex-manager responds to lawsuit over “grossly unfair” contracts
CMU News: Glassnote sues Childish Gambino in SoundExchange royalties dispute
CMU Digest: Copyright directive, SGAE, MegaUpload, Strongroom, bots ban
CMU News: Cardi B sues former manager who tried to enforce contacts
CMU News: Music industry comments on copyright directive ruling
CMU News: Rick Ross can’t bail on cancelled gig case because his business associates negotiated deal
CMU News: German court says Usenet provider liable for its users’ copyright infringement
CMU News: Sony/ATV seeks dismissal of latest case over Beatles concert documentary
CMU News: European Parliament votes down Copyright Directive, meaning further safe harbour debate in September
CMU News: MegaUpload founder can be extradited to the US, says NZ appeals court
CMU News: Piracy level downs among younger consumers, reckons IPO stats pack
CMU News: Paul McCartney joins music industry in last big push ahead of copyright vote
CMU News: Ghost Ship managers plead guilty over deadly fire
CMU News: Two Fyre Festival ticket-buyers win $5 million in damages
CMU News: Ozzy Osbourne hits back at AEG over venue bookings lawsuit
CMU News: Eminem publishers say NZ$600,000 damages over New Zealand political ad should be higher
CMU News: Global publishers now reportedly pulling rights from controversial Spanish society SGAE
CMU News: Sony Music must tell Kesha who it interviewed in Dr Luke investigation
CMU News: Long running web-blocking case to be considered anew in the Netherlands
CMU News: Fyre Festival bankruptcy trustee wants McFarland lawyer to stay on the case
CMU Digest: Chart, MMA, Prince, AEG, Beats
CMU News: Senate committee approves Music Modernization Act
CMU News: Ed Sheeran sued over alleged Marvin Gaye rip off, again
CMU Beef Of The Week: The tech lobby v Article 13
CMU News: Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine ordered to pay $25 million to former Beats partner
CMU News: Jay-Z disputes claims of unpaid fees over Tidal acquisition
CMU News: Gamers debate copyright claims as labels issue takedowns against Twitch
CMU News: Tidal lawsuit over Kanye’s “never, never, never” tweet proceeds
CMU Digest: Copyright directive, Prince, Beats, FanFair, YouTube
Setlist: Copyright, Touts, Prince
CMU News: Prince estate returns to court over unofficial posthumous EP
CMU News: Copyright case testing liabilities of Cloudflare settled out of court
CMU News: Music 4.5 puts spotlight on copyright reform
CMU News: Music industry welcomes copyright directive vote in the European Parliament
CMU News: Prince heirs want Tidal deal reconsidered because of stat-fiddling allegations
CMU News: Dre insists he came up with Beats concept in royalty court battle
CMU News: Google needs to stop profiting from rule-breaker Viagogo, say anti-touting campaigners
CMU News: Tech lobby ramps up campaign against safe harbour reform as key votes on EU copyright reform begin
CMU Insights: Top five Digital Dollar news stories
CMU News: Ticket tout repping group launches code of practice
CMU Trends: Top Five US Copyright Quirks
CMU Digest: Sony, SGAE, Stream Ripping, Young Fathers, StubHub
Setlist: Spotify, SGAE, Ryan Adams
CMU News: Stream-ripping sites PickVideo, Video-download and Easyload cease operations
CMU News: DJ Khaled sues over trademarks exploiting his infant son’s name
CMU News: Kesha’s claims to Lady Gaga about Katy Perry also part of Dr Luke defamation lawsui
CMU News: Supreme Court ruling on web-blocking costs shouldn’t affect music cases
CMU News: Californian court allows class action over StubHub fees to progress
CMU News: CISAC responds to latest call for action against Spanish collecting society
CMU News: Music publishers will seek alternative licensing solutions in Spain if collecting society won’t address TV cash controvers
CMU News: Dancing baby fair use case could end with settlement
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – The rise and fall of Grooveshark
CMU Insights: My slides from Midem 2018
CMU News: Sacha Robotti goes legal after ex-management redirects website to porn
Setlist: Viagogo, Apple Music, Michael Jackson