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CMU News: US Supreme Court refuses to hear record industry’s pre-1972 safe harbour case
CMU News: Campaigners say new piracy jail terms could be misused
CMU Digest: Viagogo, Spinrilla, SoundCloud, safe harbours, iHeart, PPL/PRS
CMU Podcast: Viagogo, Spinrilla, Talking To The Media
CMU News: Australian government takes safe harbour reform out of copyright bill
CMU News: Alabama lawmakers consider law protecting right to resell tickets
CMU News: Live Nation fined over refunds for AC/DC show in Seville
CMU News: Viagogo no show at MPs’ touts debate
CMU News: Georgia Supreme Court rules in favour of iHeart in yet another pre-1972 lawsuit
CMU News: Jury badly advised says appeal in Stairway To Heaven song-theft case
CMU News: Now Aussie lawmakers are also considering a bots ban
CMU News: Spinrilla hits back at labels lawsuit
CMU News: Jimi Hendrix company sues his brother again
CMU News: Police investigating conduct of former BPI anti-piracy chief
CMU Digest: SXSW, touts, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Paul McCartney
CMU Podcast: SXSW, Pandora, Deadmau5
CMU News: More scrutiny of ticket touting in Parliament next week, Viagogo to appear
CMU News: Pre-1972 copyright question heading to California’s Supreme Court
CMU News: Prince heirs already concerned about new estate administrators
CMU News: Entertainment industry says it’ll pay to rescue former MegaUpload data at risk
CMU News: Goldenvoice sues Urban Outfitters over Coachella-branded garb
CMU News: Sony/ATV responds to McCartney reversion right lawsuit
CMU News: Deadmau5 sued over the name of his (live)cat
CMU News: US border control says performance visas required even for free shows
CMU News: Music industry criticises Australian safe harbour expansion plan
CMU News: Government confirms bots ban and better enforcement in response to secondary ticketing review
CMU News: Kesha fan could be subpoenaed in ongoing Dr Luke dispute
CMU News: Canadian officials not impressed with US report that always criticises their copyright regime
CMU Digest: Copyright Royalty Board, business rates, ERA, SXSW, Kickass, anti-piracy emails
CMU News: Kickass man’s lawyer plans to take case to human rights court
CMU News: Test case against web-block evader dismissed
CMU News: Music publishers worldwide follow mechanical rate proceedings in US
CMU News: 72% of web users won’t be budged by ISP’s anti-piracy emails
CMU News: UK Music cautiously welcomes Chancellor’s statement of business rates, though still not entirely clear how music venues will be affected
CMU News: Cher’s lawyers tell graphic designer to font off
CMU News: Government’s business rate plans could have big impact on grassroots venues
CMU Trends: The push for digital transparency gets political
CMU Digest: Soundcloud, Spotify, Kickass, Secret Garden Party, Sunrise Records, Spinal Tap
CMU Podcast: SoundCloud, Transparency, Spinal Tap
CMU News: New filing in moral rights action against Jay-Z
CMU News: UK ad spend on piracy sites down 64%, reckons PIPCU
CMU News: Kickass man can be extradited, says Polish court
CMU News: Music creatives call on government to push for more digital music transparency
CMU News: Vivendi says $400 million Spinal Tap legal claim “absurd”
CMU News: Virginia lawmakers seek to limit anti-touting measures in the state
CMU News: Russia considering law to force search engines to delist piracy sites
CMU News: BMI and US radio industry agree interim royalty rate
CMU Digest: Google, MegaUpload, safe harbours, O2, CD Baby, ReDigi
CMU News: Google says we need more ‘fair use’, but ex-RIAA man isn’t so sure
CMU News: Google says safe harbours are brilliant
CMU News: T Bone Burnett leads music industry’s submissions to latest safe harbour review in US
CMU News: Major Swedish ISP says it won’t web-block without a court order
CMU News: The exclusive rights of PROs to license questioned in Spanish direct licensing case
CMU News: Librarians and law professors speak up for ReDigi as digital resale case rumbles on
CMU News: UK Music welcomes new search engines code
CMU News: MegaUpload extradition order stands, says court, though Kim Dotcom claims victory
CMU News: UK search engines sign up to anti-piracy code
CMU News: Another setback in Flo & Eddie’s legal battle for royalties on pre-1972 tracks
CMU News: PPL announces Performer ER deal with Jamaican society
CMU Digest: SoundCloud, Cox Communications, Songkick, Swedish web-blocks, RAO, musicFIRST
CMU News: Net firm Cox ordered to pay $8 million more to BMG
CMU News: musicFIRST calls for US federal law to apply to all sound recordings
CMU News: Swedish net firms hit out at “disastrous” web-block injunction
CMU News: Swedish appeals court green lights web-block against The Pirate Bay
CMU News: ISPs start to send out educational emails to file-sharers
CMU Digest: Prince, Spinal Tap, Duran Duran, DEB, Dr Luke, Spinrilla
CMU Podcast: Transparency, Spinrilla, PRS
CMU News: Search engines may sign up to voluntary anti-piracy code this summer
CMU News: Beyonce sued over Formation samples
CMU News: European Advocate General says web-blocking is just fine
CMU News: US songwriters seek to stop dismissal of their 100% licensing lawsuit
CMU News: Spinal Tap co-creators join Harry Shearer’s $400 million Vivendi lawsuit
CMU News: Dr Luke says it’s Kesha who owes him royalties, claims $1.3 million due
CMU News: More web-blocks could be incoming in Ireland
CMU News: Government agrees “principle of transparency” important for well-functioning digital market in Lords debate
CMU News: Duran Duran given all clear to appeal reversion right ruling
CMU News: Kylie and Kylie seemingly settle Kylie trademark dispute
CMU Trends: Can contributory infringement be a crime in the US?
CMU News: Major labels sue mixtape sharing app
CMU Digest: HMV, Eventbrite, Kesha, KickassTorrents, Facebook, 50 Cent
CMU Podcast: HMV, Enemies Of Music, Facebook
CMU News: US court formally hears Kickass arguments
CMU News: Judge discharges 50 Cent’s bankruptcy after speedier than expected repayments
CMU News: Prince estate’s dispute with Tidal rumbles on
CMU Insights: Five bits of newsworthy copyright jargon
CMU News: 50 Cent sues former lawyers over sex tape case
CMU News: Sweden considering tougher sentences for rampant pirates
CMU News: Russian government proposes one collective licensing body across Eurasian Economic Union
CMU News: America’s Copyright Alert System is wound down
CMU News: Ticketbis says its research shows Italians approved of ticket reselling
CMU Trends: Five contenders for music’s enemy number one
CMU News: New dispute over Flo & Eddie’s settlement with Sirius following New York ruling
CMU Digest: Digital Economy Bill, Tidal, Irish ticketing, Get It Right, Apple, Global Music Rights
CMU Podcast: Tidal, Piracy, Madonna
CMU News: Transparency amendment proposed for Digital Economy Bill
CMU News: Irish competition regulator to investigate the ticketing sector
CMU News: Piracy FAQs site launched as ISPs prepare to send out ‘educational emails’ to infringers
CMU News: Apple sued over sample in synced Jamie XX track
CMU News: Jean Michel Jarre talks “value transfer”
CMU News: Judge rules on Prince estate administrator
CMU News: Global Music Rights seeks dismissal of radio industry’s monopoly case
CMU News: UK Music welcomes government’s new review of the creative industries
CMU News: PIPCU sends out new ‘stop it now’ letters to the pirates
CMU Digest: TGE, Paul McCartney, Michael Lynton, German record sales, Pandora, DF Concerts
CMU Podcast: Paul McCartney, Donald Trump, videos on Facebook
CMU News: Quincy Jones’ Jackson Estate lawsuit to proceed to trial
CMU News: Paul McCartney goes legal over the US reversion right
CMU News: Former financial advisor admits to stealing nearly $5 million from Alanis Morissette
CMU News: US record industry lobbying group makes copyright demands of new Congress
CMU Insights: CMU@TGE 2017 in five steps
CMU News: MCPS agrees ‘memorandum of understanding’ in response to CRM Directive
CMU News: PPL and PRS launch combined licence for community radio
CMU News: Artists will still get Pandora royalties from SoundExchange, but only on free streams
CMU News: Gwen Stefani accused of song-theft by her former hairstylist
CMU News: Victoria Beckham’s lawyers seeking to block any Spice Girls reunion
CMU News: IP Crime Unit dropped in on brands still advertising on piracy sites
CMU Digest: Team Rock, Creative Content UK, Pandora, The Carpenters, Tidal, BMG
CMU News: Prince siblings clash over who should advise his estate
CMU News: UK ISPs to finally start sending warning letters to suspected file-sharers
CMU Podcast: Prince, Team Rock, rebooting copyrights
CMU News: The Carpenters sue Universal over unpaid royalties, including sales-v-licence
CMU News: Tidal responds to lawsuit filed by Prince estate
CMU News: Universal releases Motown rarities album to reboot European copyright
CMU News: US record industry backs BMG in the big Cox Communications appeal
CMU News: Song-theft case against Justin Bieber and Usher dismissed for a second time
CMU Digest: AEG Live, retail revenues, SoundCloud, BMG, BMI, Russian societies
CMU News: BMG responds to appeal in Cox Communications dispute
CMU News: BMI goes to court over interim royalty rate proposed by US radio
CMU News: New scandal for Russian collecting societies
CMU Podcast: Review Of The Music Business Year 2016
CMU News: New York appeals court decides there isn’t a performing right on golden oldie recordings after all
CMU News: Capitol takes safe harbour on pre-1972 recordings case to Supreme Court
CMU News: PRS welcomes jailing of prolific file-sharer
CMU News: Competition And Markets Authority launches
CMU News: See Tickets among ticketing platforms to sign up to FanFair’s anti-tout declaration
CMU News: Anthrax fear they could lose airplay as a result of the RMLC v GMR legal battle
CMU Trends: Tackling the touts in 2016 – A recap
CMU Digest: OneMusic Australia, BOTS Act, gig licensing, Trump letter, Bestival, RCA
CMU Podcast: SoundCloud, Sony Music, Gig licensing
CMU News: Barack Obama signs US ticket touting bots ban into law
CMU News: As radio industry prepares for fight with Global Music Rights, announces new deal with ASCAP
CMU News: Australian court orders ISPs to block The Pirate Bay
CMU News: Former moneylenders sue American Idol owner over alleged dodgy dealing
CMU News: Australian collecting societies announce plans for combined public performance licence
CMU News: Music industry writes open letter to Donald Trump – piracy and safe harbours are the focus
CMU Insights: Ten music industry questions we’re often asked
CMU News: Government opposes adding “cultural benefit” to gig licensing criteria
CMU News: Former SFX board member sues Robert Sillerman over unpaid loan
CMU Digest: SoundCloud, Duran Duran, YouTube, bots ban, LiveStyle, GMR
CMU Podcast: YouTube, SFX, Irving Azoff
CMU News: NMPA announces deal with YouTube over unpaid song royalties
CMU News: US Congress passes ticket tout bot ban
CMU News: Prince siblings can’t agree on permanent administrator for his estate
CMU News: Web-blocking back in the Swedish courts
CMU News: Irving Azoff’s GMR declares - “It’s the radio industry being anti-competitive!”
CMU News: Amendment to policing bill aims to force consideration of “cultural benefits” into the event licensing process
CMU News: YouTube paid over $1 billion to the music industry this year
CMU Insights: Five key developments in music rights this year
CMU News: Australian creators launch campaign against proposed copyright reform
CMU News: Duran Duran “outraged and saddened” after losing copyright reversion right case
CMU Digest: iHeartRadio, tout bans, Kobalt, IFPI, Flo & Eddie, Time Inc
CMU News: Italian parliament green lights proposed ticket tout ban
CMU News: Flo & Eddie’s pre-1972 settlement with Sirius could net $99 million for heritage artists
CMU News: MPs from all parties call on government to back ticket tout bots ban
CMU News: Civil cases against MegaUpload kept on hold pending criminal action
CMU News: Russian streaming firm sues Yandex over alleged executive poaching
CMU Digest: Fabric, GMR, touts, T In The Park, Buma-Stemra, Amazon
CMU Podcast: Fabric, Amazon Tickets, OK Go
CMU News: Buma/Stemra to phase out controversial discounts for concert promoters
CMU News: Wantickets sues Eventbrite in dispute over former employees
CMU News: The Game ordered to pay $7.1 million in sexual assault case
CMU News: Song right societies collected €7.5 billion last year, says CISAC report
CMU News: Kickass lawyers diss US government’s defence of its criminal case
CMU News: We Shall Overcome copyright case to proceed
CMU News: US radio industry accuses Global Music Rights of monopoly abuse, goes legal
CMU News: Nearly 500 more URLS web-blocked in UK on copyright grounds
CMU Digest: Touts, GEMA, NMPA, Amazon, Prince, Duran Duran
CMU Podcast: Ticket touts, Duran Duran, Prince
CMU News: Music publishers get in their wish list to President-Elect Trump
CMU News: 50 Cent sample case dismissed by US court
CMU News: New GEMA court ruling could “devastate” German industry, say music publishers
CMU News: Prince companies sue Tidal over catalogue streams
CMU News: MPs grill tout site chiefs
CMU News: US Internet Association gets its copyright demands in quick to President-Elect Trump
CMU News: Tech groups submit filings in support of Cox as it appeals BMG ruling
CMU News: Judge recommends summary judgement in favour of Justin Bieber in $10 million song-theft case
CMU News: Italy to consider ticket tout ban
CMU News: Duran Duran go to court to test reach of US copyright reversion right
CMU News: US Copyright Office calls for new submissions on the safe harbour debate
CMU News: Flo & Eddie settle with Sirius in Californian pre-1972 royalties battle
CMU News: US Department Of Justice to appeal 100% licensing agreement
CMU Trends: Dancing babies, fair use and takedowns – Explaining lenz v universal
CMU Digest: Cox Communications, Songkick, Mandy Jiroux, Omnifone, KickassTorrents, Electric Jukebox
CMU Podcast: KickassTorrents, US Copyright Office, BRITs
CMU News: Cox Communications files appeal in $25 million safe harbours case
CMU News: Door manufacturer fined over death of Fisherman’s Friends singer and tour manager
CMU News: Don Henley says US Copyright Office chief fired because she stood up for creatives
CMU News: Culture select committee to consider secondary ticketing and the bloody bots
CMU News: Mandy Jiroux countersues Blind Melon in Insane copyright case
CMU News: EU songwriters hit out at US royalties exception
CMU News: KickassTorrents man “like a drug broker” of piracy, says US government
CMU News: Amy Lamé appointed as London’s first Night Czar
CMU Digest: GEMA, ticket bots, European Copyright Directive, counterfeit CDs, dancing baby case, Avenged Sevenfold
CMU Podcast: YouTube, Avenged Sevenfold, The Smiths
CMU News: US music industry urges EU ambassador to back safe harbour reform
CMU News: Kickass man to stay in prison as extradition process continues
CMU News: Steve Angello faces two lawsuits that could cost him $12 million
CMU News: Billy Corgan takes his wrestling feud to Twitter
CMU News: Government pledges meeting to discuss tackling ticket tout bots
CMU News: Dutch industry turns its anti-piracy efforts to Facebook groups
CMU News: Bieber avoids deposition and possible arrest by settling paparazzo lawsuit
CMU News: Undercover cops to be identified in Fabric appeal
CMU Insights: Top five facts about digital licensing
Media Commentary (for the BBC): YouTube's seven-year stand-off ends
CMU News: GEMA licenses YouTube after seven year stand off
CMU News: US Supreme Court seeks government viewpoint on dancing baby case
CMU News: Sales of new Avenged Sevenfold LP could impact on Warner legal battle
CMU News: Live Nation fails to have fatal stage collapse case dismissed
CMU News: Yet more people want a co-write on Uptown Funk
CMU Trends: Deals, data and disputes - when copyrights are co-owned
CMU Digest: MP3tunes, Eric Clapton, Dr Luke, PRS, Maria Pallante, Spotify
CMU Podcast: Music Venue Trust, virtual reality, Justin Bieber
CMU News: Eric Clapton sued for $5 million over incorrectly named Unplugged song
CMU News: Tech firms tell music industry “technologies themselves cannot be bad actors”
CMU News: Prince’s “brother” cut from $300 million estate
CMU News: MP3tunes appeal might raise the obligations of safe harbour dwellers
CMU News: Cliff Richard’s lawsuit could cost BBC and South Yorkshire Police £1.5 million
CMU News: Aussie web-blocking costs discussed in court
CMU News: Suge Knight blames Dr Dre for hit and run death, claims he’s due cut of Beats sale money
CMU News: Italian promoters also want touting crackdown
CMU News: Music Venue Trust urges songwriters to support an end of minimum fees on PRS gigs licence
CMU News: US Register Of Copyrights Maria Pallante abruptly axed
CMU News: Ontario planning tout-bot ban
CMU Digest: Harry Shearer, Digital Economy Bill, streaming rates, Sony Music, Bob Geldof, Spotify
CMU Podcast: Ticket touts, cheap streams, Spinal Tap
CMU News: Lost MegaUpload data back in court, yet again
CMU News: Beatles company disputes rival copyright claim for Shea Stadium footage
CMU News: MP hopes to ban ticket touting bots through Digital Economy Bill
CMU News: Kickass lawyers demand America’s criminal case be dismissed
CMU Insights: Five ways the music industry has fought piracy online
CMU News: Harry Shearer sues Universal owner Vivendi over This Is Spinal Tap royalties
CMU News: Cliff Richard says he’s “forever tainted” by sex abuse allegations
CMU News: Bob Geldof sued by former bandmate over song ownership
CMU News: Live Nation seek to dismiss criminal case over Radiohead stage collapse
CMU Digest: Amazon, FanFair, RIAA, SFX, Isle Of Wight Festival, Ed Sheeran
CMU News: RIAA submits its annual piracy snitch list
CMU News: SFX rejects money claims from its founder and former CEO
CMU News: Foo Fighters settle insurance lawsuit
CMU News: Ed Sheeran’s lawyers complain about length of song-theft lawsuit
CMU News: Kesha seeks to keep medical records confidential in ongoing Dr Luke litigation
CMU News: Quincy Jones lawsuit to include sales v licence debate, delays court date
CMU News: Dr Dre and Ice Cube removed from civil action relating to Suge Knight homicide
CMU Trends: How do artists know if they’re getting a good deal from streaming? There are too many unknowns
CMU Digest: MMF, Sony, Russian collective licensing, Global, Mazher Mahmood, Fabric
CMU Podcast: Dissecting The Digital Dollar, FanFair Alliance
CMU News: Cliff Richard files lawsuit over BBC’s coverage of police raid of his home
CMU News: Movie industry holds up Portuguese web-block programme as best practice
CMU News: Artist managers formally call for more transparency in streaming as MMF publishes part two of Digital Dollar report
CMU News: Former Sun journalist found guilty of tampering with evidence in Tulisa drugs case
CMU News: Cox Communications seeks legal costs from Round Hill Music
CMU Insights: Five basic facts about music copyright
CMU News: Russian ministry presents plans for taking over collective licensing to Deputy PM
CMU News: Extradition proceedings underway in Kickass case
CMU News: Straight Outta Compton defamation lawsuit could continue if ‘successor-in-interest’ can be found
CMU News: Justin Bieber ordered to give deposition in pap attack case
CMU News: Judge approves latest plans to take SFX out of bankruptcy
CMU News: Sony Corp’s move to take full control of Sony/ATV is complete
CMU Digest: YouTube, SoundCloud, YouTube-mp3, MegaUpload, Sony v 19
CMU News: Too much ambiguity in Sony’s streaming deals for summary judgement on 19’s sales v licence litigation, says judge
CMU News: MIC says Congressional letter in support of BMI and ASCAP fails to deal with DoJ arguments around 100% licensing
CMU Podcast: YouTube, not YouTube, YouTube-mp3
CMU News: Promoter of Steve Aoki show where five people died jailed for four years
CMU News: Eighteen members of US Congress back music industry’s fight against 100% licensing
CMU News: Closing arguments presented in MegaUpload extradition case, as Kim Dotcom’s lawyers seek rehearing in US on seized assets
CMU News: Judge dismisses lawsuit over Roc-A-Fella logo
CMU News: Record industry sues as stream-ripping tops piracy agenda
CMU Digest: BMI, Russian collective licensing, MusicBiz stats, iHeart, Fabric, Festival No.6
CMU News: Majors criticise proposal for government takeover of collective licensing in Russia
CMU News: Fake Sheikh in court over conduct in Tulisa sting
CMU News: Coalition of US music licensees call on Department Of Justice to appeal court ruling on 100% licensing
CMU News: Court restarts legal battle between Beats and early collaborator
CMU News: ECJ says free wi-fi providers not liable when customers infringe
CMU News: One Direction facing lawsuit in Ireland
CMU News: Cliff Richard to ask parliamentarians to back new law providing anonymity to those accused of sex abuse before charges filed
CMU News: Lil Wayne says Cash Money Records still to account for $70 million spending spree
CMU News: Judge rejects Department Of Justice conclusion on 100% licensing
CMU News: Viagogo given green light to pursue legal action against SFX
CMU Trends: Music rights and the European Copyright Directive
CMU Digest: Pandora, copyright directive, Measuring Music, Tidal, Crowdmix, T In The Park
CMU News: French court gives prison time to both operator and users of OMGTorrent
CMU News: European Commission publishes copyright reform proposals including transparency and the value gap
CMU News: Music industry responds to draft European copyright directive
CMU News: Beatles company sued over concert footage in new documentary
CMU News: Songwriter group sues US Department Of Justice over consent decree ruling
CMU Digest: Fabric, iPhone 7, AIM, Deezer, Britney Spears
CMU Podcast: Fabric, FanFair, Frank Ocean
CMU News: European court says publishers can be liable when linking to copyright infringing files
CMU News: Spears family settles with Britney’s self-declared former manager
CMU News: Recent Eventbrite hires sued by ticketing rival
CMU News: Jessie J song theft lawsuit dismissed again