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Back to Brighton to talk music education, AI and the Chinese music market

Published on Wednesday 2 May 2018

The Great Escape is on the horizon once again and CMU Insights will be back in Brighton for all the TGE festivities and – of course – to present three full-day conferences for the festival’s industry delegates.

This is our eighth year working on The Great Escape and the fourth year where we are employing the full-day conference format. This allows us to spend a whole day dissecting and discussing a specific element of the music business, enabling us to dig much deeper, and share elements of our research and training alongside the interviews and panels.

For the first time this year the convention programme kicks off a daily earlier than the festival as we team up with Urban Development and BIMM to present our Education Conference.

This also sees us properly launch a major new research project we are working on, which aims to join a lot of dots between all the music educators in the UK, and the music industry and the wider music community.

This conference is open to TGE delegates, but standalone tickets are also available for anyone working in music education, or music employers keen to be part of the debate around where music education goes next.

Our other two conferences put the spotlight on AI technologies and the Chinese music market. I’ve already learned so much about both these topics chatting to our panellists, it’ll great to take those conversations onto the stage.

We’ve just published a CMU Insights Brighton Briefing, which is a fourteen page PDF that runs through our conferences, and pulls together some pre-event articles we’ve published in recent weeks. If you’re interested, you can download that here.

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