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21 Years Of ThreeWeeks: A potted history and brand new podcast
21 Years Of ThreeWeeks: Tips for meeting the media
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Digital dollars at Wide Days
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We've launched 'Dissecting The Digital Dollar'!
Introducing 'Dissecting The Digital Dollar'
Some thoughts on Edinburgh 2015...
Lots of chatting at this year's Edinburgh Fringe
Double podcasts!
Double podcasts!

28 July 2015

Some thoughts ahead of Music 4.5's Converting Freemium event
Announcing my Free Speech... about free speech
A most Great Escape
Some ponderings on music copyright for World Intellectual Property Day
Chatting about the music business at Convergence
Great Escape incoming - the licensing strand
The impact of digital and media on the news business
Great Escape incoming - the marketing strand
Some old-time Bedlam thoughts
Music business trends in 2014 - best of CMU Premium
Christmas wishes for the independent music sector
Setting up and running a small (media) business
Music rights in the news
The Scottish referendum: It's all about uncertainty. And the constitution.
It's all in the stream: YouTube v the indies, and streaming in the charts
An end of the Fringe blog
How ThreeWeeks is different this year... and why
It's Un-Convention this weekend: Build a fanbase and take control of your destiny
‘The right to be forgotten’ concerns me, but at least I can now pass the buck – “that’ll be Google’s problem”
Look! (No, actually listen!) We revamped our podcast!
As YouTube takes on the labels, what's at stake?
The CMU podcast is coming back - and this time live!
Why can't the PR business agree on a name?
My ten tips for early-career artists
Getting some Tru Thoughts from Rob Luis
What a weekend! My Great Escape keynotes
See you in Brighton?
A Great Escape? Bring it on!
MusicTank on 'The Artist Economics Of Streaming'
From Napster to now: More MegaUpload developments
The eight dimensions of social media for business
More cultural diplomacy please: My weekend in Tallinn
On Stuff: The Hash Symbol
Please don't send me PDF press releases, thank you
Can you make your 'notes to editors' like Wikipedia please?
Ten tips on writing the perfect press release
If skepticism is good, why are conspiracy theories
All hail the (good) cover version (plus eleven great covers)
Ten career tips for aspiring media types
One Direction may be the most successful recording artists of 2013, but the Love Hearts are more interesting
That time they tried to shut down Six
On Stuff: Phonology
On Stuff: Phonology

21 January 2014

Why we launched the CMU Digest service