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CMU News: Spotify makes new board appointments ahead of Wall Street listing
CMU News: Councillor on Fyre Festival island criticises Bahamas tourism agency
CMU News: Ariana Grande shows cancelled following Monday’s bomb attack
CMU News: File-sharing hub ExtraTorrent is still offline
CMU News: Live recordings platform announces tie up with MQA
CMU News: Jon Webster steps down as MMF President
CMU News: Live music industry comments on Manchester Arena attack
CMU News: KickassTorrents founder granted bail
CMU News: Preliminary injunction extends ban on release of unofficial Prince recordings
CMU News: Vivendi has no imminent plans to float Universal Music, but won’t rule it out
CMU News: Bucks Music moves to support Floor Sixx talent development venture
CMU News: Bahamian businesses also out of pocket following collapse of Fyre Festival
CMU News: 22 dead in bomb blast at Ariana Grande show in Manchester
CMU News: PRS and PPL name new joint venture, appoint MD
CMU News: Yes Please moves into radio promotions via hire of Olivia Whitton
CMU News: Music Glue announces partnership with merch firm Probity
CMU News: Michael Jackson estate distances itself from king of pop telly projects
CMU News: Prince estate recommends rescinding Universal’s $30 million recordings deal
CMU News: Feds investigation Fyre Festival
CMU News: Downtown to rep Niall Horan’s songwriting
CMU News: Manners McDade signs Balmorhea
CMU News: BPI responds to Conservative and Labour election manifestos
CMU News: Canada’s Pemberton Music Festival goes into bankruptcy
CMU News: Vevo enhances its Apple TV app
CMU News: Drake dominates at Billboard Music Awards
CMU Digest: Guvera, Fyre Festival, MCPS, CMRA, Spotify, The Great Escape
CMU Insights: My slides from The Great Escape
CMU News: Universal Music signs up with China’s Tencent
CMU@TGE: Top Ten Questions - Can drugs really fuel the creative process?
CMU News: SoundExchange buys Canadian mechanical rights society
CMU News: Deadmau5 countersues in cat-based trademark case
CMU@TGE: Top Ten Questions - What drugs policies and initiatives can actually save lives?
CMU News: Guvera ceases operations as co-founder exits
CMU News: Eminem’s song-theft case against New Zealand’s governing party wraps up
CMU News: Fyre Festival lawsuits now number ten
CMU News: LA Reid’s Epic departure follows claims of unlawful harassment, says Billboard
CMU News: Lee Morrison allies with MonoKrome
CMU News: Spotify ‘direct listing’ looking more likely
CMU@TGE: Top Ten Questions - Will it be streams that kill the radio star?
CMU Podcast: YouTube, Amazon, Fyre Festival
CMU News: Prince estate confirms Universal’s $30 million recordings deal in doubt
CMU News: Fyre won’t fire you, but won’t pay you either, failed festival boss tells staff
CMU News: YouTube doesn’t negatively impact on the streaming market, says YouTube
CMU@TGE: Top Ten Questions - How do you successfully launch new acts in new markets?
CMU News:
CMU@TGE: Top Ten Questions - What are the pros and cons of direct licensing your performing rights in live?
CMU News: Mark Geragos expands his Fyre Festival litigation
CMU News: Fourth Circuit refuses to intervene in fight to regain lost MegaUpload data
CMU@TGE: Top Ten Questions - How do you get your music onto a journalist’s radar?
CMU News: No safe harbour talk in Warner negotiations, says YouTube’s Lyor Cohen
CMU News: More lawsuits fired at Fyre
CMU@TGE: Top Ten Questions - How do you get paid when your music is synced?
CMU News: Warner extends its deal with YouTube
CMU News: Suppliers join ticketholders in suing Ja Rule over the Fyre Festival shambles
CMU News: Spotify and Deezer back call to regulate app store owners
CMU News: Cliff Richard puts legal battle with BBC on hold to try to reach a deal
CMU News: Kobalt secures $75 million in ‘growth capital’
CMU@TGE: Top Ten Questions - What impact will Brexit have on music?
CMU Podcast: Fyre Festival, Eminem, The Great Escape
CMU Insights: My slides from Spot+ 2017
CMU News: Merlin hits out as The Orchard acquires Finetunes and Phonofile
CMU News: BBC hits out at Cliff Richard’s legal spend on police raid privacy case
CMU News: Websites will be “blacked out” in campaign against sexual assault at festivals
CMU News: iHeartMedia repeats debts warning as it publishes disappointing financials
CMU@TGE: Top Ten Questions - How do you make money out of music media in 2017?
CMU News: Injunction blocking unofficial Prince release extended, but estate must post $1 million bond
CMU News: Alanis Morissette’s former business manager gets six years for his embezzlement
CMU News: Australian live industry calls for ticket tout bots ban
CMU@TGE: Top Ten Questions - Where does all the streaming money go?
CMU News: Second class action filed over Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival
CMU News: The Eagles sue Hotel California
CMU News: Australian courts block various Kickass-linked piracy sites
CMU News: New President at Entertainment Agents’ Association
CMU News: Ja Rule’s luxury festival collapses into a $100 million lawsuit
CMU News: Eminem’s political song-theft case reaches court
CMU News: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis accused of some thrifty song theft
CMU News: The Game sues Viacom over sexual assault damages
CMU News: Primary Wave takes stake in Rough Trade Publishing
CMU Trends: The latest record industry stats – three reasons for optimism, three reasons for gloom
CMU Podcast: Record industry growth, Digital Economy Act
CMU News: Digital Economy Act passes introducing new ticket tout regulations
CMU News: New lawsuit over Jefferson Starship name
CMU News: TuneCore launches ramped up social media service
CMU News: Eventbrite adds Facebook integration in the UK
CMU News: Spotify acquires blockchain team at Mediachain Labs
CMU News: Blurred Lines case shouldn’t have gone to a jury, says lawyer
CMU News: The battle for lost MegaUpload data goes to the Fourth Circuit
CMU News: Max Richter is the first signing to all new Decca Publishing
CMU News: Ad agency allied label announces distribution deal with Sony
CMU News: Record industry growth? Thank the retailers, say the retailers
CMU News: Bristol’s Colston Hall to rebrand to cut association with slave trader namesake
CMU News: Stevie Nicks among Lana Del Rey’s Lust For Life collaborators
CMU News: Madonna hits out at unofficial biopic for quoting her verbatim
CMU News: Global record industry revenues up 5.9% in 2016, but – you know – ‘value gap’
CMU News: Sony Music maybe negotiating an end to its business partnership with Dr Luke
CMU News: Merlin reduces admin fees, hires new Finance Director
CMU News: Competition regulator to investigate Live Nation’s IOW Festival purchase
CMU News: Mixmag publisher acquires Kerrang!
CMU Insights: Safe harbours in five steps
CMU News: Spotify considering move into hardware
CMU News: RIAA follows BMG’s lead, sues ISP for failing to stop repeat infringers
CMU News: Mac & Phil ally with Warner/Chappell to “fuck shit up”
CMU News: Former Columbia UK chief joins Kobalt
CMU News: CI and Entertainment Intelligence partner up to join delivery and data for indies
CMU News: X-ray aligns with Paradigm
CMU News: Years & Years’ Olly Alexander to front documentary as part of BBC’s Gay Britannia season
CMU News: Elton John cancels shows to recover from “potentially deadly” bacterial infection
CMU News: Ant species named after Radiohead
CMU Digest: Spotify, Prince, UK Music, BMG, Tunecore, Cash Money
CMU Insights: My slides from Canadian Music Week 2017
CMU News: Court sides with BMG over Windstream in safe harbour case
CMU News: Apple Music launches scheme for championing ‘developing artists’
CMU News: Prince estate seeks to stop unofficial EP release
CMU News: Defamation case against former Kesha lawyer allowed to proceed
CMU:DIY: My slides from the April Urban Development seminar
CMU News: UK Music sets out demands to Westminster as General Election called
CMU News: Universal may seek a $30 million refund from Prince estate over recordings deal
CMU News: Cash Money sued over millions of Drake profits
CMU News: Beyonce cites fair use in video clip sample case
CMU News: TuneCore to offer advances to US artists
CMU News: Warner-owned gigs business Neuland Concerts becomes independent
CMU News: Slacker Radio downsizes workforce
CMU News: 7digital acquires radio aggregating technology
CMU Trends: Realising the revenue potential of free streams
CMU Podcast: BPI stats, Dailymotion, Kate Bush
CMU News: UK record industry saw 5.1% growth in 2016
CMU News: US indies reveal the pain of DMCA takedowns
CMU News: DHP Family to formally relaunch The Garage next week
CMU News: Quite Great PR launches live services unit
CMU News: Kim Dotcom goes to US Supreme Court to fight his ‘fugitive’ status
CMU News: Sirius hits out at labels and others for trying to intervene in Flo & Eddie settlement
CMU News: AEG adds content production studio to its brand partnerships division
CMU News: Dailymotion to relaunch down-playing UGC
CMU Insights: CMU@CMW in five steps
CMU News: Guvera puts another subsidiary into administration
CMU News: Troy Carter to advise the Prince estate
CMU News: BMG boss says streaming boom will force labels to offer artists better royalties
CMU News: Warhol Foundation sues photographer over 1984 Prince portraits
CMU News: Civil actions against MegaUpload postponed yet again
CMU News: German court tells PayPal to reveal pirate’s identity to Sony Music
CMU News: ASCAP, SACEM and PRS collaborate on blockchain initiative
CMU Digest: Spotify, Warner, PROMOTE Act, agent of change, Vevo, fake tickets
CMU Podcast: Spotify, US Radio, Google
CMU News: Spotify’s IPO could be a non-IPO
CMU News: Elton John and Sophie Ellis Bextor among new batch of phone hacking litigants
CMU News: British DJ sentenced to year in jail after including Muslim call to prayer in his techno set
CMU News: Google launches its streaming music service in India
TW:TALKS: Mat Burt
TW:TALKS: Mat Burt7 April 2017

CMU News: Warner UK boss to head up the major’s global recorded music business
CMU News: Second bill in US Congress seeks to address radio royalties issue
CMU News: UK Music urges music employers to read up on government’s new apprenticeship initiative
CMU News: Managers criticise the continued secrecy as Universal agrees new Spotify deal
CMU News: Radio industry says advertising on air is safer than online
CMU News: Universal Music signs new licensing deal with Spotify
CMU News: Lords call for extension of agent of change principle
CMU News: Spotify’s new Universal deal basically agreed, sources say
CMU News: Court says Italian web-blocking is just fine
CMU News: Court says FBI shouldn’t get to review MegaUpload’s Canadian data
CMU News: Distributor Zebralution is Warner’s latest post-Parlophone divestment
CMU News: BBC Music announces new Great Escape partnership
CMU News: Vevo capitalises on ad industry’s YouTube backlash
CMU News: BMG settles with US net firm RCN
CMU Digest: RIAA, tout laws, Fair Play Fair Pay, Spinal Tap, Amazon, Form 696
CMU Trends: 1972 and all that… Again!
Media Commentary (for AI and music making
CMU Insights: My slides from Tallinn Music Week 2017
CMU News: Double digit growth in US thanks to all those streams
CMU News: Efforts to get radio royalties for recordings back on agenda in US Congress
CMU News: MegaUpload data to be rescued, though not shared with MegaUpload
CMU News: Lords back new ticket touting regulation beyond the bots ban
CMU News: Lawyer says Sony/ATV’s delaying tactics are “devaluing” Paul McCartney’s rights
CMU News: Spinal Tap creators hit out at Vivendi’s “distracting and obfuscatory conduct”
CMU News: Universal Music signs Carrie Underwood
CMU News: Native Instruments acquires unofficial mix monetisation service MetaPop
CMU News: Tensions between Prince heirs continue, questions asked about Universal deals
CMU News: Kobalt’s AWAL launches new mobile app to crunch streaming data
CMU News: Warner launches vinyl reprint label Run Out Groove
CMU News: Amazon Tickets to offer Prime perks
CMU Insights: Top five challenges in streaming
CMU News: US Supreme Court refuses to hear record industry’s pre-1972 safe harbour case
CMU News: Spotify buys MightyTV to enhance offer to advertisers
CMU News: Horace Trubridge to become General Secretary of Musicians’ Union
CMU News: Doctors tell Drake to postpone Amsterdam show for third time
CMU News: Campaigners say new piracy jail terms could be misused
CMU Digest: Viagogo, Spinrilla, SoundCloud, safe harbours, iHeart, PPL/PRS
CMU Podcast: Viagogo, Spinrilla, Talking To The Media
CMU Insights: My slides from Sonar+D 2017
CMU News: SoundCloud secures $70 million in debt finance
CMU News: Geffen Records to be ramped up again
CMU News: Australian government takes safe harbour reform out of copyright bill
CMU News: Alabama lawmakers consider law protecting right to resell tickets
CMU News: Live Nation fined over refunds for AC/DC show in Seville
CMU:DIY: My slides from the March Urban Development seminar
CMU News: Viagogo no show at MPs’ touts debate
CMU News: Global adds two more festivals to its portfolio
CMU News: Georgia Supreme Court rules in favour of iHeart in yet another pre-1972 lawsuit
CMU News: Jury badly advised says appeal in Stairway To Heaven song-theft case
CMU News: Now Aussie lawmakers are also considering a bots ban
CMU News: Spinrilla hits back at labels lawsuit
CMU News: Jimi Hendrix company sues his brother again
CMU News: Police investigating conduct of former BPI anti-piracy chief
CMU Digest: SXSW, touts, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Paul McCartney
CMU Podcast: SXSW, Pandora, Deadmau5
CMU News: Spotify’s new label deals to include windowing, say sources
CMU News: Guy Moot’s role expanded at Sony/ATV
CMU News: More scrutiny of ticket touting in Parliament next week, Viagogo to appear
CMU News: NME criticised over unapproved Stormzy cover to promote feature on depression
CMU News: Pre-1972 copyright question heading to California’s Supreme Court
CMU News: Prince heirs already concerned about new estate administrators
CMU News: Entertainment industry says it’ll pay to rescue former MegaUpload data at risk
CMU News: Goldenvoice sues Urban Outfitters over Coachella-branded garb
CMU News: French retailer Fnac announces strategic alliance with Deezer
CMU News: Sony/ATV responds to McCartney reversion right lawsuit
CMU News: Deadmau5 sued over the name of his (live)cat
CMU News: US border control says performance visas required even for free shows
CMU News: Music industry criticises Australian safe harbour expansion plan
CMU News: Public Service Broadcasting sign with Play It Again Sam
CMU News: Sharon Hodgson MP welcomes government’s commitment on tout regulation
CMU News: SoundCloud plays down talk of “fire sale”, opens up Premier to DJs
CMU News: Heart launches “feel good” 80s station on digital
CMU News: Government confirms bots ban and better enforcement in response to secondary ticketing review
CMU News: Kesha fan could be subpoenaed in ongoing Dr Luke dispute
CMU News: Canadian officials not impressed with US report that always criticises their copyright regime
CMU Digest: Copyright Royalty Board, business rates, ERA, SXSW, Kickass, anti-piracy emails
CMU Podcast: The Great Escape, Access v Ownership, Ed Sheeran
CMU News: Kickass man’s lawyer plans to take case to human rights court
CMU News: Test case against web-block evader dismissed
CMU News: Initial speakers for tenth International Music Summit announced
CMU News: Music publishers worldwide follow mechanical rate proceedings in US
CMU News: 72% of web users won’t be budged by ISP’s anti-piracy emails
CMU News: UK Music cautiously welcomes Chancellor’s statement of business rates, though still not entirely clear how music venues will be affected
CMU News: Cher’s lawyers tell graphic designer to font off
CMU News: Jay-Z’s Arrive has arrived
CMU News: Spotify buys audio ID maker Sonalytic
CMU News: Access out-performing ownership in entertainment retail
CMU News: TuneCore announces series of workshops for new talent
CMU News: Government’s business rate plans could have big impact on grassroots venues
CMU News: Louis Tomlinson arrested after airport altercation with pap and fans
CMU Trends: The push for digital transparency gets political
CMU Digest: Soundcloud, Spotify, Kickass, Secret Garden Party, Sunrise Records, Spinal Tap
CMU Podcast: SoundCloud, Transparency, Spinal Tap
CMU News: Spotify confirms 50 million paying users
CMU News: New filing in moral rights action against Jay-Z
CMU News: UK ad spend on piracy sites down 64%, reckons PIPCU
CMU News: Iron Maiden say their anti-touting tactics have worked
CMU News: 7digital rebrands radio content divisions
CMU News: Kickass man can be extradited, says Polish court
CMU News: This year’s Secret Garden Party to be the last
CMU News: Spotify reportedly plotting HD audio offer
CMU News: Music creatives call on government to push for more digital music transparency
CMU News: Vivendi says $400 million Spinal Tap legal claim “absurd”
CMU Insights: Ten tips on press photos
CMU News: SoundCloud launches £5.99 subscription package with less content
CMU News: Virginia lawmakers seek to limit anti-touting measures in the state
CMU News: Warner/Chappell boosts dance music credentials with A&R hire
CMU News: Data driven gig planning platform Stagelink plots US expansion
CMU News: Independent music retailer plans to take over 70+ HMV Canada stores
CMU News: Russia considering law to force search engines to delist piracy sites
CMU News: BMI and US radio industry agree interim royalty rate
CMU News: IMPEL sees income from digital platforms rise by 60% in 2016
CMU Digest: Google, MegaUpload, safe harbours, O2, CD Baby, ReDigi
CMU News: Google says we need more ‘fair use’, but ex-RIAA man isn’t so sure
CMU News: As Live Nation sees yet more impressive growth in 2016, analyst ponders whether Amazon Tickets will have a future impact
CMU News: The BRIT Awards happened, numerous sources claim
CMU News: Google says safe harbours are brilliant
CMU News: T Bone Burnett leads music industry’s submissions to latest safe harbour review in US
CMU News: Major Swedish ISP says it won’t web-block without a court order
CMU News: Attitude Is Everything chief amongst government’s team of ‘champions’ aiming to make businesses more accessible
CMU:DIY: My slides from the February Urban Development seminar
CMU News: The exclusive rights of PROs to license questioned in Spanish direct licensing case
CMU News: Librarians and law professors speak up for ReDigi as digital resale case rumbles on
CMU News: UK Music welcomes new search engines code
CMU News: DHP Family announces plans for Borderline
CMU News: Bauer announces its radio coverage of the BRIT Awards
CMU News: MegaUpload extradition order stands, says court, though Kim Dotcom claims victory
CMU News: UK search engines sign up to anti-piracy code
CMU News: Another setback in Flo & Eddie’s legal battle for royalties on pre-1972 tracks
CMU News: PPL announces Performer ER deal with Jamaican society
CMU News: Viagogo criticised for selling hiked up tickets for Ed Sheeran charity show
CMU News: CD Baby hopes to be back working today after database issues took site offline
CMU Digest: SoundCloud, Cox Communications, Songkick, Swedish web-blocks, RAO, musicFIRST
CMU Insights: My slides from Output 2017
CMU News: Old Blue Last team takeover Sebright Arms
CMU News: Ticketmaster buys Czech ticketing firm Ticketpro
CMU News: MPG Awards presented
TW:TALKS: Megan Ford
TW:TALKS: Megan Ford16 February 2017

CMU News: Net firm Cox ordered to pay $8 million more to BMG
CMU News: musicFIRST calls for US federal law to apply to all sound recordings
CMU News: Spotify to open new office in New York and boost its headcount
CMU News: Swedish net firms hit out at “disastrous” web-block injunction
CMU News: Government opens consultation on relaxing rules for local radio in the UK
CMU News: Snapchat gets its helmets out for Daft Punk return
CMU News: Swedish appeals court green lights web-block against The Pirate Bay
CMU News: Some music mags saw circulations rise in 2016, according to latest ABCs
CMU Trends: The record label of the future - the story so far
CMU News: ISPs start to send out educational emails to file-sharers
CMU News: Sunday Best signs Mary Epworth
CMU News: Radio 2 rejigs Saturday, shifts Dermot O’Leary into a breakfast slot
CMU News: Al Jarreau dies
CMU Digest: Prince, Spinal Tap, Duran Duran, DEB, Dr Luke, Spinrilla