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CMU News: Spotify to stop playlisting R Kelly as new policy on hate content is published
CMU News: Beefed up Music Modernization Act arrives in US Senate
CMU News: CMU’s guide to Thursday at the Great Escape Convention
CMU News: Tidal denies fiddling the figures, accuses newspaper of “smear campaign”
CMU News: RIAA hopes to beef up Grande Communications litigation with new evidence
CMU News: Blue Raincoat revives Cooltempo label with Armada Music alliance
CMU News: Eventbrite integrates with Instagram for extra ticketing flogging goodness
CMU News: CMU’s guide to Wednesday at the Great Escape Convention
CMU News: One week to go until CMU Insights at The Great Escape: Three conferences and some extras too
CMU News: Law firm files class action over allegations Live Nation breached its Ticketmaster consent decree
CMU News: Jay-Z and Eminem among creditors of bankrupt Weinstein Company
CMU News: Court says Jay-Z must testify in SEC investigation
CMU News: Katy Perry ends feud with Taylor Swift via actual olive branc
CMU News: Warner confirms it has cashed in $400 million of Spotify stock
CMU News: Dr Dre and Ice Cube again deny liability for ‘Straight Outta Compton’ death
SEC’s demands to question Jay-Z turning into a “celebrity hunt”
CMU News: Content Creators Coalition calls on Congress to question Google bosses
Setlist: Spotify, Canada, Kanye
CMU News: Jay-Z to testify as to why he shouldn’t testify about Rocawear business partner
CMU News: RIAA and Cloudflare reach agreement over theoretical MP3Skull actions
CMU News: Justin Timberlake added to soft drink false advertising lawsuit
CMU News: Spotify share price dips 9% on back of first quarterly report
CMU News: Music rights data start-up confirms pilot with Warner, BMG, Sentric and GMR
CMU News: Two weeks to go until The Great Escape: Get yourself briefed!
CMU News: Sony has offloaded about a half of its Spotify shares
CMU News: Billboard decides 1250 streams equals one album sale (so long as the listener was paying)
Back to Brighton to talk music education, AI and the Chinese music market
CMU News: Canada still appears on US government’s copyright watch list
CMU News: Legal battle between Idol maker and its former creditors continues
CMU News: Tencent inviting bankers to pitch to work on its musical IPO
CMU News: Voluntary web-blocks in Japan lead to litigation
CMU News: LMFAO v Rick Ross lyric dispute back in court
CMU News: Sexual assault lawsuit against Russell Simmons is dismissed
CMU News: Deer Shed offers discounted tickets following collapse of Beverley Folk Festival
Setlist: Viagogo, IFPI, royal vinyl
CMU News: IMPALA welcomes EC proposals close the online ‘power gap’
CMU News: Sonos plotting IPO for early summer
CMU@TGE Top Questions: How can you capitalise on the imminent “explosive growth” of live music in China?
CMU News: House Of Representatives passes the Music Modernization Act
CMU News: French culture minister proposes web-block list in new anti-piracy push
CMU@TGE Top Questions: Will machines write the pop hits of the future?
Full schedules published for this year’s CMU Insights conferences
CMU News: Recorded music revenues grew 8.1% last year, despite the value gap
CMU@TGE Top Questions: How can we enhance and enforce music copyright in China?
CMU News: Prince’s family sue over hospital treatment in days before star’s death
CMU News: Madonna loses legal battle over old pants
CMU@TGE Top Questions: Why is there a crisis in music education?
CMU News: AIM allies with MUSO on new anti-piracy services for artists and labels
CMU@TGE Top Questions: Where will the fan conversation go next?
CMU News: Dice’s Girls Music Day returns
CMU News: Shakin Stevens producer Stuart Colman dies
Setlist: Festival plastic, Hits Radio, Mariah Carey
CMU News: CMU@TGE Top Questions: Should music education include more business and career skills?
CMU@TGE Top Questions: How are Shazam-like technologies quietly revolutionising the music business?
CMU News: Peermusic allies with ICE
CMU News: Eventbrite expands European reach further with Ticketea buy
CMU News: Lenny Kravitz signs with BMG to release new album
CMU News: New campaign launched by “responsible secondary ticket operators”
CMU News: CTS Eventim buys into Italian concert promoter
CMU News: Bauer launches new national pop station Hits Radio
CMU News: “There is no tour, no more music from the Spice Girls”, says Vicky B
CMU@TGE Top Questions: Which streaming services dominate in China?
CMU@TGE Top Questions: What do we even mean by music education
CMU News: Mariah Carey’s ex-manager plotting “blockbuster exposé lawsuit”
CMU News: ICE venture rejigs to become one entity
CMU@TGE Top Questions: Which music technologies will shape the next decade in music?
CMU News: PRS confirms over-payment email to members is genuine
CMU News: Record industry’s MegaUpload litigation postponed yet again
CMU News: Collage’s Uptown Funk song-theft litigation dismissed
CMU News: Do we still need AM radio? Absolutely! Though not absolutely
Setlist: MMA, Spotify, BPI
CMU News: Music industry urges EU to not water down safe harbour reform
CMU News: Spotify buys mechanical rights platform Loudr
CMU News: Music Venue Trust announces regional events
CMU News: Spotify expands Hulu bundle, planning improvements on free level
CMU News: House Of Representatives judiciary committee green lights Music Modernization Act
CMU News: Warner/Chappell appoints new COO
CMU News: European artist managers form new alliance
CMU News: All-new Music Modernization Act glues together American music proposals
CMU News: Music publishers win Wolfgang’s Vault copyright action
CMU News: UK record industry saw 10.6% growth last year, woo!
CMU News: Lawsuit over Christina Grimmie murder allowed to proceed
CMU News: HMV’s shuts Irish mail-order site
CMU News: Most net firms back web-blocking in Canada, though there are some detractors
CMU News: Law firm looking into anti-competitive conduct claims against Live Nation
CMU News: Record industry’s copyright battle with American ISP allowed to continue
CMU News: The Commodores sue ex-Commodore over The Commodores trademark
CMU News: BPI sales certificates to be BRITs branded
CMU News: Sony anticipates $1 billion windfall from Spotify share sale
CMU News: Tulisa wins 10% of publishing in Britney and hit
CMU News: Jenner sisters settle photographer litigation over controversial t-shirts
CMU News: Propeller Recordings allies with INgrooves on distribution
CMU News: Viagogo fined a million euros in Italy
CMU News: Beatport buys streaming-for-DJs platform Pulselocker
CMU News: Metal Hammer owner buys Music Week publisher
CMU News: Pressure mounts on Google to reject Viagogo ads
CMU News: PRS’s new live music tariff delayed by direct licensing discussions
CMU News: South African collecting society in spotlight after gospel star hits out over underpaid royalties
CMU News: Vimeo not liable for ‘unfair competition’ over unlicensed music
CMU News: Spotify debuts on Wall Street with a $30 billion valuation
CMU News: Daniel Ek plays down significance of Spotify’s stock market listing
CMU News: The Weeknd seeks to stop Starboy trademarks
CMU News: Ticketmaster responds to allegations of anti-competitive behaviour
CMU News: Artists scammed out of thousands by rogue ‘management firm’, says BBC
CMU News: New sex abuse allegations against R Kelly made in BBC documentary
CMU News: New collecting society launched in Polynesia
CMU News: OfCom confirms its new definition of ‘new music’
CMU News: Soon-to-list Spotify says it could top 96 million premium subscribers this year
CMU News: BMI boss welcomes conclusion of 100% licensing dispute, considers extending his society’s licensing remit
CMU News: Guvera CFO was concerned when he joined the business, but trusted its CEO to raise more finance
CMU News: Kim Dotcom says extradition attempt “over” after Human Rights Tribunal ruling
CMU News: Russell Simmons faces another lawsuit over rape allegations
CMU News: Suge Knight loses yet another lawyer
Setlist: Blurred Lines, The Loop, Guvera
CMU News: US record industry revenues up to $8.72 billion thanks to all your (mainly premium) streams
CMU News: Australian movie boss wants web-blocking extended to Google
CMU News: PledgeMusic allies with NME Emerging
CMU News: Appeals court upholds $5.3 million Blurred Lines ruling
CMU News: INgrooves up for sale, say sources
CMU News: Rainbow Venues abandons appeal over licence revocation
CMU News: Judge refuses to dismiss latest Monster v Beats legal battle
CMU News: Doug Morris talking to Warner about distributing his new label
CMU News: Songwriters call for publisher commitments on Spotify and Facebook cash
CMU News: Australian police urge fans to only use primary sites after fraudster arrested over Ed Sheeran ticketing scam
CMU News: AEG raises concerns over rival MSG’s plans for a new arena in East London
CMU News: Ents24 launches tool to recommend both festivals and personal line-ups
CMU News: BBC radio boss says UK not ready for digital switchover
CMU News: A Greener Festival stages training on making events environmentally sustainable
CMU News: Long-running Dutch web-block dispute may be considered in court anew
CMU News: SACEM announces Facebook deal
CMU News: Guvera bosses ignored expert advice against a 2016 IPO
Setlist: Lyor Cohen, iHeartMedia, Miley Cyrus
CMU News: Spotify continues its unconventional stock market journey with live-streamed investor pitch
CMU News: EU to decide on Apple’s Shazam deal next month
CMU News: Country writer takes ASCAP to arbitration over $1.3 million of ‘premium’ payments
CMU News: Merlin announces deals with Chinese streaming firms
CMU News: IMPALA hits out at article thirteen critics in Brussels
CMU News: iHeartMedia finally files for bankruptcy
CMU News: Vince Staples calls off retirement fund GoFundMe campaign
CMU News: UK Music calls for quicker action on business rates
CMU News: Suspended sentences for operators of French piracy site Liberty Land
CMU News: Suge Knight lawyer removed from murder case after witness-tampering charges
CMU News: Warner-owned live music outfit in Italy becomes independent business
CMU News: Apple buys “Netflix of magazines”
CMU News: Sony Corp in talks to buy rest of EMI Music Publishing
CMU News: Fyre Festival founder told to pay back $26 million to defrauded investors
CMU News: Warner joins the Facebook licensing party
CMU News: New music licensing platform seeks to legitimise music usage in sport
Setlist: NME, Spotify, Viagogo
CMU News: Kobalt expands AWAL brand
CMU News: Music Venue Trust launches scheme to support new female gig promoters
CMU News: NOS Alive announces support for UN programme
CMU Digest: NME, ASA, Universal Music, Redefining Music Education, iTunes LP
CMU News: Ad industry regulator demands some clarity from the secondary ticketing sites
CMU News: Judge recommends that record industry lawsuit against ISP Grande proceed
CMU News: Universal to share Spotify equity loot with artists, Sony with distributed labels too
CMU News: Apple phases out iTunes LP sparking new ‘downloads are doomed’ chatter
CMU News: New Zealand regulator asks whether buying tickets from Viagogo is “worth the risk”
CMU News: Suge Knight’s lawyers charged over misconduct in relation to murder case
CMU News: Martin Shkreli may have to give up Wu-Tang album as part of fraud conviction
CMU News: Spotify cautioning users of hacked apps
CMU News: Angry parents to meet New Zealand Commerce Commission over Viagogo’s fake Bruno Mars tickets
CMU News: Belgian ISPs join with rights owners to request latest anti-piracy web-blocks
CMU News: Music’s doing fine now, so you should all start reading again
CMU News: Two musicians pull out of Great Exhibition over arms firm sponsorship
CMU News: Spotify to livestream investor pitch
CMU Trends: Spotify – past, present and future
CMU Digest: Spotify, PPL PRS, Robomagic, iHeartMedia, Time Inc UK
CMU News: Tencent further expands music interests, invests in Indian streaming firm
CMU News: Sena Live acquires Iceland Airwaves
CMU News: Sirius XM owner proposes bid to solve iHeartMedia’s debt problem
CMU News: NME publisher Time Inc UK sold to private equity in £130 million deal
CMU News: 50 Cent doesn’t have $8.5 million worth of bitcoin
CMU News: The Magic Numbers ally with Absolute on new album
CMU News: Fuck me, Ed Sheeran was the most successful act in 2017, who knew?
CMU News: Expedia moves into ticketing, but as a resale platform
CMU News: People and machines collaborate on new K-pop songs
CMU News: US songwriter group raises three key concerns with Music Modernization Act
CMU News: Former Universal and Sony boss plotting new label
CMU News: 45 festivals now signed up to 2022 gender balance pledge
CMU News: Airbnb launches platform for intimate gigs
CMU News: Twitter formally writes off SoundCloud investment
Setlist: BRITs, Amazon, Toni Basil
For Midem: AI – The Next Revolution In Music?
CMU Trends: China, AI and music education - setting the agenda
CMU Digest: Amazon Tickets, Spotify, touting rules, agent of change, CD sales
CMU News: Man behind French piracy site ordered to pay €83 million to copyright owners
CMU News: Deutsche Grammophon signs Agnes Obel
CMU News: VMS Live allies with Eventim on ticketing
CMU News: Amazon Music hires former Warner exec to head up artist relations team
CMU News: Frank Ocean sues producer over Blonde songwriting credits
CMU News: ICE announces Facebook deal
CMU News: Turner and Boateng promoted at Atlantic Records
CMU News: BRIT Trust-supported charity highlights how music can be used to rehabilitate young offenders
CMU News: Irish government could back ticket touting ban
CMU News: Aussie movie exec says Google “facilitates crime”
CMU News: Pirate Studios launches new talent initiative The Pirate Prodigies
CMU News: Physical music sales continued to decline over Christmas, though impulse buy opportunities remain
CMU News: Trademark elements of Toni Basil’s Mickey case dismissed
CMU News: Jackson family hits out at Quincy Jones’ song-theft claims
Setlist: Ticketing, SGAE, Prince
CMU Trends: AI - The next revolution in music?
CMU News: The Grammys’ diversity problem defended with maths
CMU News: Kanye West settles with insurers over cancelled Saint Pablo Tour
CMU News: Warner sues smart TV company Future Today
CMU Digest: SGAE, touting rules, Dice, Songwriters Guild Of America, Music Moves Europe
CMU News: Government extends rules for ticket resellers, publishes guidelines for the touts
CMU News: Industry backs EU’s pilot programme to support music community
CMU News: BRITs announces white rose initiative in support of Time’s Up campaign
CMU News: CISAC responds to publishers’ demands over Spanish collecting society
CMU News: Taylor Swift gets song-theft action dismissed
CMU News: Music publishers call on CISAC to suspend Spanish collecting society SGAE
CMU News: Absolute to distribute Cherry Red’s acquisitions from Warner
CMU News: Songwriters Guild Of America backs amended Music Modernization Act
CMU News: Warner/Chappell UK appoints a new Creative Director
CMU News: Madison Square Garden Company planning musical bubble in London
CMU News: Bauer seeks to cut AM reach of Absolute Radio
Setlist: Best Buy, Apple, Spice Girls
CMU News: US Copyright Royalty Board ignored the market when setting webcasting rates, says SoundExchange
CMU Trends: Top five streaming challenges
CMU Digest: Shazam, Google, Apple Music, Spotify, CISAC
CMU Insights: My slides from Output 2018
CMU News: Google bigs up its new ticket tout advertising rules, FanFair says more to be done
CMU News: Jean-Michel Jarre leads call for European Parliament to “shape a fairer digital market”
CMU News: A court may have overturned BMG’s safe harbour win, but RIAA reckons the ruling helps its own ISP litigation
CMU News: European Commission to investigate Apple’s Shazam acquisition
CMU News: Cloudflare terminates Sci-Hub’s account following piracy ruling
Setlist: Education, Grammys, Biggest Weekend
CMU News: Spotify adds songwriter credits to its desktop app
CMU News: Man arrested over plot to kidnap Lana Del Rey
CMU News: Wiz Khalifa accused of rap-theft
CMU News: Beatles file $100 million lawsuit against unofficial merch sellers
CMU News: US retailer Best Buy bailing on CDs
CMU News: Appeals court overturns BMG’s safe harbour win, despite strengthening its case
CMU Trends: Top three music business trends in January
CMU Digest: CRB, Pandora, safe harbour, YouTube, agent of change
CMU News: Pandora to lay off 5% of its workforce
CMU News: Music industry urges new EU presidency to support safe harbour reform
CMU News: Tencent launches joint venture label with Sony Music
CMU News: YouTube plays down talk of non-disparagement agreements
CMU News: BASCA responds to resignation of four Songwriter Committee members
CMU News: Judge dismisses song-theft case against U2’s The Fly
CMU News: MU calls for government music education review following BBC schools survey
CMU News: Content Creators Coalition urges Congress to investigate YouTube’s ‘non-disparagement agreements’ with artists
CMU News: We Shall Overcome is public domain in the US after copyright case settled
CMU News: CI owner State51 rejigs putting three businesses under one board
CMU News: BBC announces details of The Biggest Weekend
CMU News: Music industry welcomes US mechanical royalty ruling
CMU News: BMI and ASCAP persuade broadcasters to back Music Modernization Act
Setlist: Enrique Iglesias, Little Mix, The Smiths
CMU Insights: Five key CMU Insights copyright slides
CMU News: EU to launch its own version of the piracy-focused Notorious Markets list
CMU News: Russell Simmons sued over rape allegations
CMU News: Sony expands alliance with Cuban music firm to cover publishing
CMU Trends: Reviewing the sales v licence debate
CMU Digest: Spotify, YouTube, Little Mix, Kim Dotcom, Rainbow Venues
CMU News: Enrique Iglesias reckons misclassified streams cost him millions in royalties
CMU News: Music Modernization Act introduced into US Senate
CMU News: YouTube includes ‘non-disparagement agreements’ in its artist deals, says Bloomberg
CMU News: Spotify investor says streaming market will quadruple in size to $40 billion by 2025
CMU News: Little Mix lawsuit to test obligations of gig promoters under the Equality Act
CMU News: Journalists hit out at LA police response to them interviewing Suge Knight
CMU News: Family of Slipknot bassist settle negligence action against his former doctor
CMU News: YouTube unites artist content under single subscription
CMU News: OfCom wonders how new ‘new music’ should be
CMU News: YouTube to start issuing ISNI numbers to creators
CMU News: Hotel California is still Hotel California after settling Eagles lawsuit
CMU News: Childish Gambino allies with Sony Music’s RCA
CMU News: Warner/Chappell signs Moss Kena
CMU News: Kim Dotcom sues New Zealand government for billions over 2012 MegaUpload raid
CMU News: Parliament to put spotlight on live sector
Setlist: Songkick, Notorious markets, Nando’s
CMU News: UK government to put ‘agent of change’ into planning rules
CMU News: Universal Music Publishing allies with Auddly
CMU News: Festivals and events commended for environmental sustainability at Eurosonic
CMU Trends: Agent of change – the story so far
CMU Digest: Songkick, agent of change, MMF, Notorious Markets List, smart speakers
CMU News: Downtown and Songtrust ally with ICE
CMU News: Ireland adds more websites to web-blocking list
CMU News: Nearly 40 million Americans now using smart speakers, research finds
CMU News: Stream-ripping, Pirate Bay and even vKontakte appear in US government’s annual piracy report
CMU News: BBC to host special Sound Of 2018 gig on Radio 1
CMU News: Songkick settles Live Nation litigation
CMU News: Heritage artists galore intervene in pre-1972 case in California
CMU News: Pirate Bay web-block extended to other ISPs in Netherlands
Setlist: Lana Del Rey, American Idol, Jimmy Iovine
CMU News: Facebook signs deals with Kobalt, SESAC and GMR
CMU News: Spotify formally backs Music Modernization Act
CMU Trends: Five contenders for music’s enemy number one – update!
CMU Digest: Agent of change, Facebook, Music Modernization Act, Lana Del Rey, 19 Recordings
CMU News: Music community gathers in Westminster to back agent of change proposals
CMU News: INgrooves expands into royalty services via Sovereign acquisition
CMU News: Radio 2 unveils new schedules, puts its organ into storage
CMU News: Radiohead publisher denies it has gone legal in Lana Del Rey Creep dispute
CMU News: Wixen boss likes the Music Modernization Act and “loves” Spotify’s service, despite the $1.6 billion lawsuit
CMU News: MonoKrome signs ShaoDow
CMU News: All-new Payday announces new signings
CMU News: Sony/ATV signs on the dotted line with Facebook
CMU News: US music industry trade groups galore present united front over copyright reform in Washington
CMU News: Official Charts Company renews alliance with Kantar Millward Brown